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Please note that applicants are NOT required to express a preference at the point of application to join the CDT. For further information about PhD supervisors please visit supervisor websites.


Project Topics 2017 - Cohort 4

If there is further information connected to individual studentships click on the studentship title-highlighted in blue.
Dr Oliver Harlen, Dr Daniel Read, Dr Sarah Harris and Dr Paul Beales (all University of Leeds)
Transport of soft nanoparticles through a soft porous matrix.
Dr Rosalind Allen, Dr Simon Titmuss and Dr Alex Lips (all University of Edinburgh)
Bacteria in droplets: microfluidics to formulation.
Dr Anwesha Sarkar, Dr Rammile Ettelaie, Dr Mel Holmes and Professor Alan Mackie (all University of Leeds)
Kinetics of lipid digestion of Pickering emulsions: Theory and Experimental Approaches.
Dr David Head and Dr Lorna Dougan (both University of Leeds)
Determining rational design principles for biopolymer hydrogels.
Dr Kislon Voitchovsky & Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja (both Durham University) - with AkzoNobel
Harnessing Surface roughness and Ionic Effects for Liquid Repellent Surfaces.
Prof Jon Steed (Durham University) - with Ashland
Understanding Lactam-Active Ingredient Co-phases.
Prof Vasileios Koutsos (University of Edinburgh) - with Impact Solutions
Polymer Nanocomposites: tailoring thermomechanical properties.
Dr Paul McGonigal (Durham University)
Synthesis and Materials Properties of Charged, Stimuli Responsive Liquid Crystals.
Dr Fabio Nudelman and Dr Michael Shaver (both University of Edinburgh) - with GSK
Soft Matter Inside Hard Matter.
Dr Natasha Shirshova (Durham University) and Dr Paul Clegg (University of Edinburgh)
Formation of Non-Aqueous High Internal Phase Emulsions.
Dr Margarita Staykova and Professor Colin Bain (both Durham University)
Biomimetic polymeric membranes.
Dr Jun Jie Wu (Durham University) - with Zimmer Biomet
Smart Polymer Processing for Orthopaedic Applications
Dr Budhika Mendis & Dr Chris Groves (both Durham University) - with CPI
Uncovering nano-scale order in complex functional polymers
Dr Elena Simone (University of Leeds) - with Nestle
Application of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Tools for Monitoring and Real Time Control over Lipid Crystallization under Dynamic Conditions.
Dr Russell Taylor (Durham University) and Dr Michael Shaver (University of Edinburgh)
Monomers for biodegradable plastics - green production by heterogeneous catalysts
Dr Matthew O.Kitching (Durham University)
March of the materials: Molecular Walkers for Dynamic Responsive Polymers.
Dr Paul Clegg (University of Edinburgh) and Dr Mike Evans (University of Leeds)
Organization of colloids on droplet surfaces.
Professor Helen Gleeson, Dr Mamatha Nagaraj and Prof Cliff Jones (all University of Leeds) - with Merck
Liquid Crystals for novel electro-optical applications
Dr Simon Connell, Dr Johan Mattsson and Dr Caroline Orfila (all University of Leeds) - with PepsiCo
Advances analytics for food microstructure determination
Dr Johan Mattsson, Dr Olivier Cayre and Professor Brent Murray (all University of Leeds) - with Nestle
Understanding and controlling the behaviour of concentrated microgel dispersions.

Project Topics 2016 - Cohort 3

Dr Tiffany Wood, Job Thijssen (both University of Edinburgh) - with AkzoNobel
Quantitative study of instability in double emulsions.
Professor P.H.Gaskell and Dr S Veremieiev (both Durham University)
Modelling the Non-Newtronian behaviour of concentrated suspensions in thin film processing.
Professor Andy Whiting (Durham University) – with AkzoNobel
VOC - free crosslinking technologies for coatings applications.
Dr Kislon Voitchovsky (Durham University) - with AkzoNobel
Antifouling coatings at the nanoscale: interfacial liquid dynamics, chemical release and bio-adsorption
Dr Maragrita Staykova (Durham University) - with Mondelez
Learning from biology to design stimuli-responsive capsules
Professor Roy Quinlan (Durham University) - with Unilever
The role of non-globular domains in hair keratin assembly
Professor Lian Hutchings (Durham University)- with Synthomer
Adventures with Anionic Polymerisation
Dr Peter Hine & Dr Mike Ries (both University of Leeds) - with Innovia Films
Manufacture, properties and structure of all-cellulose composites using iconic liquids.
Dr David Harbottle, Professor Brent Murray and / or Dr Anwesha Sarker (all University of Leeds), Professor Paul Clegg (University of Edinburgh) and Professor Zhenghe Xu (University of Alberta)
Interfacial rheology and interfacial dynamics
Professor Helen Gleeson (University of Leeds) & Dr Oliver Henrich (University of Edinburgh)
Liquid Crystals in novel flow geometries for photonics
Dr John Bothwell (Durham University) - with CPI
Characterising the behaviour of algal polymers in novel biotechnological processing pathways.
Dr Alyssa-Jennifer Avestro and Dr Paul McGonigal (both Durham University)
Hierarchical assembly of one-dimensional bio(opto)electronic nanomaterials.
Dr Philip Camp and Prof Vasileios Koutsos (both University of Edinburgh) - with Infineum
Adsorption of polymers at solid-liquid interfaces: simulation and experiment.
Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja (Durham University)
Translocation of liquid drops, vesicles and gels through nano-channels.
Dr Phil Dyer, Dr Simon Beaumont, Dr Ezat Khosravi and Dr Richard Thompson (all Durham University)
PolyNanoCat - Tailored Polymers for Heterogeneous Transition Metal Catalyst Assembly.
Dr Ritu Kataky and Dr Gary Sharples (both Durham University)
Detecting and Targeting microbial infections using soft solid-lipid particles.
Dr Johan Mattsson, Dr Olivier Cayre and Professor Brent Murray (all University of Leeds)
Understanding and controlling the behaviour of concentrated microgel dispersions.
Professor Brent Murray and Dr Mike Ries (both University of Leeds) - with Mondelez
Solubilization, fragmentation and precipitation of colloidal particles of cellulose as stabilizing agents in foods.
Professor Wilson Poon (University of Edinburgh) - with Schlumberger
Rheology of high-solid-content complex dispersions.
Dr Manish Shukla and Professor Kiran Fernandes (both Durham University Business School)
Sustainability in the palm oil supply chain.
Dr Paul Beales, Professor Michael Rappolt & Dr Lars Jeuken (all University of Leeds)
Material properties of hybrid lipid-block copolymer vesicles and incorporation of membrane proteins within theses structures for robust applications in bionanotechnology.
Dr Simon Titmuss (University of Edinburgh) & Dr Maximillian Skoda (Rutherford Appleton / ISIS)
Using neutron reflectivity to understand how antimicrobial peptides interact with membrane to hill bacteria.
Professor Helen Gleeson, Dr Mamatha Nagaraj & Professor Cliff Jones (all University of Leeds) - with Merck
Liquid Crystals for novel electro-aptical applications.
Dr Tiffany Wood & Professor Alex Lips (both University of Edinburgh) - with GSK
Structure and rheology in topical formulations.
Dr Halim Kusumaatmaja and Dr Mark Miller (both Durham University)
Controlling phase separation and droplet formation in biopolymer mixtures.