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Publication details for Dr Caitlin Nunn

Nunn, C. (2016). Introduction to Home: An exploratory journey with young Somali-Australians. Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies 12(1).

Author(s) from Durham


As the first generation of young people growing up in an emerging immigrant community, the Somali-Australians who passed through adolescence in the first decade of this century were pioneers. Forging their own paths through the spatial, socio-cultural and emotional terrain of Somalia(n) and Australia(n), they created new cartographies of home. Home: an exploratory journey with young Somali-Australians both reflects and constitutes this process. Emerging out of a collaboration between researchers, artists, and Somali-background youth, Home: is an audio-visual work that integrates documentary, acted scenes, interviews and photographs to chart the complexity and dynamism of producing and inhabiting home. The outcome is a polyvocal and multisensory map that takes the viewer into the homes of young Somali-Australians.


Credits for Home: An exploratory journey with young Somali-Australians:
Filmmaker Tamsin Sharp, with David Cường Ngũyên, Caitlin Nunn, Amber
McQueen, Anthony Rodriguez Jiménez, Yusuf Sheikh Omar, Hayat Mumin,
Ibrahim Mohamed, Ikram Mohamed, Ilham Mohamed, Imran Ali, Khadija
Aseir, Liban Ahmed, Mohammed Hassan, Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Ali, Mohamed
Mumin, Mulki Ali, Omar Aden, Saami Ahmed, Samira Ibrahim, Shamsa
Mohamed, Suad Ahmed, Yasin Ali, Zainab Mohamud, Zakariya Abdi.