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Durham University

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Social sciences address problems that are inherently complex. Problems are almost always multivariate; variables interact, and there are non-linear relationships between variables.

The Nuffield Foundation ( ) is funding a project, Reasoning from Evidence, which will produce data visualisations to support the teaching and learning of topics in A-level Sociology. These visualisations are easy to use and they run in internet browsers so no special software is needed. This document will show how to use them (click here to download).

Curriculum materials include teacher notes on how the material might be used in class, questions the data can be used to answer, and a commentary highlighting some of the important features of the data.

As resources become available links will appear on this page with the topic and the date of the last update so you can see if anything new has appeared.

1) Education (8/06/2011)

2) Public Disorder of August 2011 (28/09/2012)

3) Health (10/12/2012)

Get Involved! Please contact James Nicholson at or simply send feedback on the materials (especially on the use of the materials in class). 

The external evaluation report of this project can be downloaded here.