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Curriculum Materials

Curriculum materials:

Curriculum materials using multivariate plotter tool:

The Northern Ireland Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA)  funded a small project to explore the possibility of developing some data rich activities which might act as common starting points for different subject areas, for example the STI data set could be used in maths, in science and in citizenship or PSHE or equivalent. The zipped folder (click here to download) contains general teacher notes about the materials and then there are 7 folders each with a data interface, student activities and teacher’s notes about that activity – including guidance on interpretations of the multivariate data.
The data interfaces run in a web browser - the first time you open it you may need to tell your computer to ‘open with Firefox’ or Internet Explorer, or whatever browser you use – and tell it to ‘always open with’ so you don’t have this every time. Depending on your privacy settings you may get popups requiring you to allow ActiveX controls to run the interface.

You can download some of the curriculum activities and associated software by clicking here.

You may also work through these activities on line here.

Modeling disease:

Disease simulations

As part of the Wellcome funded Reasoning From Biomedical Data project we developed some simulations which model disease transmission with some associated curriculum materials.

You can download some of the curriculum activities and associated software by clicking here.
Again may also work through these activities on line here.

Plausible estimation:

Plausible estimation is a useful life skill essential whenever planning is involved. We have developed curriculum materials for use in UK schools, that complement some work we have done for the US National Institute for Science Education
Plausible Estimation Tasks

• Undergraduate Classroom Assessment Material
• Secondary School Classroom Material