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Department of Anthropology: Parent-Infant Sleep Lab

Sleep, Infancy and Mothering (2012)

Our second bi-annual conference, ‘Sleep, Infancy and Mothering’, took placebo the 14th June 2012 and focused upon sleep. Our guest speakers were Dr Peter Blair, Dr Sally Baddock, Dr Desaline Joseph, Dr Alanna Rudzik, Dr Charlotte Russell and Mary Whitmore, and Professor Helen Ball. Around 100 delegates attended including health professionals, volunteer peer supporters, breastfeeding and childbirth educators, parents, students and researchers. We addressed normal sleep and circadian development, bedsharing and SIDS risks, parental expectations, and sleep education tools. PDF versions of the presentations can be accessed below.

Speakers’ presentation slides:

Speakers at the Sleep, Infancy and Mothering conference have genorously shared their slides here. Please cite the source of this information if you use it elsewhere and ask the presenters for permission if you wish to reproduce any of their slides, graphs or images in your own talks etc. The Sleep Labs is happy to pass on your queries to the presenters if you don’t have their direct contact details. You can contact us at: