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School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health

Staff Members

Professor John McLachlan

Member of the Centre for Medical Education Research
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 40323
Member of Medicine and Health Postgraduate Programmes

Contact Professor John McLachlan (email at


John McLachlan is a graduate of Glasgow University, and gained his PhD at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School. He is an embryologist by background, and has published extensively in development, with papers in Nature, Proceedings of the Royal Society and Development. His last paper in this area, on human sex determination, was featured in Nature Update and in the international news media. He also produced an undergraduate textbook on medical embryology which was short-listed for the BUPA Prize for Medical Writing.

From 1995 onwards, he began to focus on educational roles, both in terms of educational leadership and management, and also in educational research, especially in assessment and in e-learning. In 1999, he was invited to join the Scottish Medical Dean’s Curriculum Group and the Scottish Qualification Authority. In 2001, he was appointed Director of Phase 1 at the new Peninsula Medical School, where he developed and introduced the first two years of the course, admitting the first students in September 2002. In 2003, he was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship, and a Personal Chair in Medical Education. In this year, he was also Raine Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Western Australia.

In 2005, he moved to Durham University, where he is Professor of Medical Education and was formerly Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medicine. He advises the General Medical Council on selection and on the assessment of overseas doctors, the Health Care Professions Council on professionalism, and the Department of Health, and Scottish Government, on professionalism in health care. He is an elected Board Member of the United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test Consortium, and a member of the United Kingdom Foundation Office Rules Group.

John is currently an External Examiner for the Undergraduate Medical Programme at Birmingham.

A major research focus is the measurement of professionalism, and in particular the relationship between conscientiousness and professionalism. Conscientiousness is a relatively stable trait, which it is possible to measure objectively and quantitatively at relatively low cost compared to other approaches to measurement of professionalism. Associated with measurement are issues of selection, including selection for medical school, for Foundation places, and for specialty training.


Conference Paper

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Journal Article


  • Finn, G. M. & McLachlan J. C. (2010), Designer Bodies, Designer Bodies. Centre for Life, Newcastle..
  • McLachlan, J. C. & Finn, G. M. (2010), The Appliance of Fashion to Science, The Appliance of Fashion to Science. Durham County Hall..


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  • Tiffin, PA, Webster, LAD & McLachlan, JC (2013). Forecasting the impact of the mode of use of the UKCAT on the demographics of UK medical and dental entrants. Prepared for the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) Board. UKCAT Consortium, Nottingham, UK.
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  • McLachlan, J.C. & Turnbull, L.L. (2010). Selection for the Foundation Programme: A review of available methods. Prepared for the Medical Schools Council. Medical Schools Council, London.

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