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School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health


  • In light of a recent decision by the governing Councils of Durham and Newcastle Universities to transfer the Durham’s School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health to Newcastle University from 1st August 2017 there has been a discontinuation of postgraduate taught courses offered by the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health. This programme is currently in teach-out phase and no longer available to applicants.

The MSc in Public Policy and Global Health emphasis is the development and implementation of public policies to improve the welfare and general health of populations through existing health and governmental systems. To do this, the course examines how societies think about and act on public health problems in a world where both the origins of the problems and their solutions operate at multiple levels and (often) across political, social and cultural boundaries. A secondary theme is the development and evaluation of research evidence upon which such policies can be built or improved.

Students are stimulated to connect the experiences of people ‘on the ground’, including their own experiences, with macro-scale processes, cultural circumstances and policy choices that affect the health of populations. They gain experience in using multidisciplinary research strategies to analyse public health problems and propose solutions at various scales. Graduates will find themselves empowered to participate in public policy efforts to promote, improve and protect the health of their peers, families, friends, communities, and nations.

The course content was developed in light of the UK Faculty of Public Health’s requirements for public health practitioners. It is public policy oriented, locally distinctive and internationally relevant with subthemes in social determinants of health, evidence generation in public health, lifestyle choices, food and food policy, sexuality and sexual health concerns. Case studies within modules reflect staff’s particular research interests and emerging issues.

Programme Leaders: Dr Michele Castelli and Prof Ted Schrecker

Core Programme Staff: Dr Duika Burges Watson, Dr Mark Booth, Dr Michele Castelli, Dr Lutz Sauerteig, Dr Sharyn Maxwell, Dr Amelia Lake, Dr Shelina Visram and Prof Ted Schrecker

Current students should contact staff at their current email addresses until after the Board of Examiners in November 2017. From 1st August former students seeking references from academic staff should contact transferring staff via their new addresses at Newcastle.These can be obtained by contacting Newcastle University directly.