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Obesity Related Behaviours (ORB)

 Obesity Related Behaviours (ORB) Research Group

Obesity Related Behaviours


The Obesity Related Behaviours (ORB) Research Group is one of the groups in the School for Medicine and Health, located in the Wolfson Research Institute at Queen's Campus.

Our research focuses on increasing the evidence base for prevention and treatment of obesity, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles that might contribute to reducing obesity. A vast majority of our research projects is based in communities with low socio-economic (SES) status and increased deprivation due to the strong correlations of obesity and overweight prevalence.

Research conducted by ORB is essential to uncover the contributing factors related to populations of obese adults and children.

 The Obesity Related Behaviour (ORB) Research Group's main interests are:

  • Health inequalities
  • Evaluation of community interventions for the prevention of childhood and adult obesity
  • Assessment of overweight and obesity prevalence through anthropometric, physical activity and food measures
  • Measurement of dietary and physical activity behaviours using novel methods at population level
  • Qualitative research to understand the reasoning behind aspects surrounding obesity and overweight prevalence
  • Systematic reviews

ORB has close links with other departments at Durham University;

These interdisciplinary partnerships are essential for the production of world class research and evaluation.

The ORB Research Group also continues to work in partnership with:


Contact Details

Obesity Related Behaviours (ORB) Research Group,
School of Medicine and Health,
Queen's Campus,
Durham University,
University Boulevard,
TS17 6BH