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Evaluation, Research and Development Unit

Current Projects

Project Funder Staff Member Publications

National Cancer Diagnosis Audit (2016-)

Clinical Lead: Rubin

Cancer Research UK, NHS England, Macmillan Cancer support, Public Health Entland, GCGP Prof Greg Rubin

ECASS Evaluation of a computer aid for assessing stomach symptoms) 2015 - 2017

PI: Rubin

Cancer Research UK NAEDI Research Programme


Prof Greg Rubin, Dr Cath Nixon, Dr Jen Howse

EMPRESS (Cancer diagnosis via Emergency Presentation: a case-control study) 2015 - 2018

PI: Macleod, Hull

Cancer Research UK NAEDI Research Programme


Prof Greg Rubin, TBC

BEST3 (Barrett's ESophagus Trial 3: Cluster randomised controlled trial comparing the Cytosponge-TFF3 test with usual care to facilitate the diagnosis of oesophageal pre-cancer in primary care) 2016 - 2019

PI: Fiutzgerald, Cambridge

Cancer Research UK


Prof Greg Rubin

HEAT (Helicobacter Eradication in patients on Aspirin Therapy: randomised controlled trial)

2012 - 2017

PI: Hawkey, Nottingham

Health Technology Assessment Programme


Prof Greg Rubin, Andrew Moreton

Policy Research Unit for cancer screening, awareness and early diagnosis

PI: Duffy, QMUL

DH Policy Research Programme


ACE Wave 1 evaluation

ACE Wave 2 evaluation

Dr Ingrid Ablett-Spence

Dr Jen Howse