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School of Applied Social Sciences

What our students say

Having graduated in 2013, I am really happy to see how much of the knowledge and skills gained at Durham I am using in my current studies and work.

I am a part-time student at LSE now, doing a MSc in Health, Community and Development, at the department of Social Psychology. It’s amazing how useful all my degree’s readings have been – I am using sociologists’ works and their concepts in my essays, seminars and exams. In particular, my insights into the realities of excluded people, the sociology of health and medicine, social policies, social movements and art history (my optionals) have been directly useful!

Moreover, the work for my dissertation has proven invaluable too. I am volunteering part-time for a homeless charity in London, and my first task was to conduct research with black market workers. The study was, for me, like a mini-dissertation. I used the concise, clear and elegant style of writing, as well as the rigorous style of social research that I had practised while at Durham. And I am soon going to present my research within an event aimed at gaining support for the population that was part of my study.

Furthermore, through my extra-curricular involvement with a special school in Durham, and with children in my home country, I am now able to relate to and empathise with vulnerable people. This was useful in my work for BBC Panorama, where I acted as a ’gatekeeper’ to a vulnerable population, thus helping them to win their trust and engage with the people.

Finally, I also grew at a personal level during my time at Durham University. I had made long-lasting friendships, met wonderful academics and people in general, as well as got involved in exciting activities. And, together with the knowledge and skills I acquired, these beautiful memories will remain with me.

The Sociology department at Durham was a constant source of support and stimulation during my time at University. I studied for a BA Sociology and thoroughly enjoyed being taught by the passionate academics in the department, who helped me develop as a writer and massively improved my communication skills.

The broad scope of subjects I had available to study, from rock music to mental health to the surveillance society, was the main reason the degree was so challenging, enjoyable and useful.

I am now working as a journalist with a media company in London, the skills I learnt in my 3 years doing Sociology at Durham are invaluable.

Studying Anthropology and Sociology (BA) at Durham University provided me with strong multi-disciplinary background that has been extremely useful for my work within the humanitarian sector.

The course provided me with current thinking and theory regarding cultures and society and also taught me to be more critical and analytical in my work. I have since worked at a number of humanitarian agencies and organizations and have also continued my education, studying Disasters, Adaptation and Development (MA) at Kings College, London. This course also focused on aspects of culture, society and risk, and I was able to draw on the information that I learnt during my course at Durham University.

The lecturers at Durham University are very supportive and interesting and have also been very kind in providing post-degree support in terms of references and guidance. Durham is a great place to live and I would really recommend the courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health to anyone interested in social sciences, particularly because you are able to pick and explore the areas that are most interesting to you.