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Dr Mark McCormack

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Associate Professor in the School of Applied Social Sciences

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I am a sociologist interested in understanding the effects of decreasing homophobia in Western cultures, Co-Director of the Centre for Sex, Gender and Sexualities and Full Fellow of the International Academy of Sex Researchers. Empirically documenting the erosion of homophobia in educational and sporting settings, as well as in the wider culture, my research explores how this has resulted in an expansion of gendered behaviours for male youth and documents the improvement in life experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people. My current research is exploring the effect of decreasing homophobia on bisexual men.

I have given oral evidence to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport's inquiry into Homophobia in Sport. I also have extensive media experience, and have spoken about my research on radio shows including The Surgery on BBC Radio 1, Woman’s Hour and Thinking Allowed on BBC Radio 4, Nightwaves on BBC Radio 3, The World Service, and Q with Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio 1. I have also appeared on HuffPost Live and my research has been featured in print media including The EconomistThe Sunday TimesThe Observer, and New Internationalist. I have also blogged for Oxford University Press, OpenDemocracy and GoodMenProject. My book, The Declining Significance of Homophobia, has received considerable media attention, being reported in The Observer and The Economist, as well as being reviewed in The Independent and THE.

External organisations I have worked with include Durex, Pink Competency, a Norwegian LGBT rights group, and EACH Action (Educational Action Challenging Homophobia) with whom I have co-written guidelines on homophobic bullying for a local council in the south west of England.

I value teaching sociology and convene the third-year module Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, which I introduced in 2012. I was awarded an Excellence in Teaching and Learning award in 2016, and I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education. 

I welcome enquiries from potential PhD students in the fields of masculinities and sexualities, broadly conceived.


Journal Article

Authored book

Chapter in book

  • McCormack, M. (2014). Contextualizing Homophobic Language in Sport. In Routledge Handbook of Sport, Gender, and Sexuality. Hargreaves, J. & Anderson E. Routledge. 283-290.
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  • McCormack, M. (2011). Queer masculinities, gender conformity and the secondary school. In Queer Masculinities: A Critical Reader in Education (Explorations of Educational Purpose). Landreau, J. & Rodriguez, N. Springer. 35-46.

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  • Social Theory
  • Sociology of Sexuality and Gender


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