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School of Applied Social Sciences


Mr Eric Baumgartner

EFL Co-ordinator in the Teikyo University of Japan

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Eric completed his BA as a mature student in Combined Social Sciences (Community and Youth Work, Sociology and History) at Durham University in 2007. His dissertation explored ‘Approaches to Male Identity with Reference to Crime and Criminal Behaviour’ in 2007, and he commenced his MA studies in Social Research Methods (Social Policy), concluding with his dissertation ‘Masculinity and the Youth Justice System in England and Wales: A Case Study at a Secure Training Centre’ (distinction) in 2009. Eric succeeded in securing an ESRC studentship at Durham University for his PhD studies and submitted his thesis ‘Boys will be boys, or will they? A study of youth offending team practitioners’ constructions of masculinity of the young men with whom they work’ in September 2013. 

While his latest work explores how social work practitioners construct masculinity of the young men with whom they work in the context of youth justice, his research interests seek to conceptualise ideas around masculinity/ies in particular in reference to criminal and youth justice service provision. Articles in progression explore ideas and the relevance of masculinity/ies and essentialism in social welfare provision, the role of queer theory, the relevance of one’s own masculinity in research of masculinity/ies, and youth justice practice and policy.

His teaching expertise comprises Social Research Methods, Gender/Masculinity Studies, Masculinity and Crime, Youth Justice, and Sociological Theory (particularly Goffman and Bourdieu and issues around gender). Eric is keen to develop teaching materials specifically in the fields of masculinity/ies, youth justice and social research methods. He peer-reviews articles for the Journal of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and is a Co-stream Leader on ‘Sexualities, Gender and Work’ for the next EDI conference in 2014 in Munich.

He has also designed and conducted nation wide research for third sector organisations in youth and criminal justice and provided workshops around ideas of masculinity/ies to probation service practitioners as well as teaching workshops to postgraduate students at Durham University. As a trained and experienced teacher of English as a Foreign Language Eric’s strengths lie in making sociological and theoretical ideas accessible to undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

Field of Study

‘Boys will be boys, or will they? A study of youth offending team practitioners’. Constructions of masculinity of the young men with whom they work.


Articles in Progress -

(1) Boys will be boys, or will they? Youth Offending Team Practitioners and their Constructions of Masculinity’ (Youth Justice);

(2) ‘Of One’s Own Masculinity in a Study on Masculinity and Offending in England and Wales’ (Journal of Men’s Studies), 

(3) ‘Masculinity and Essentialism in Social Welfare Provision’ (Journal of Social Work);

(4) ‘Left Overs in Qualitative Data Collection and Issus with Epistemology’.


Research & Dessimentation Experience

June 2014 - Conference for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: ‘Masculinity- Essentially Speaking’.

June 2014 - Co-Stream Leader at the Conference for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: ‘Sexuality, Gender and Work’.

October 2013 - Peer Reviewer for Special Edition on Masculinity of the Journal for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

November 2012 - 'Boys will be boys- Masculinity and Youth Justice in England and Wales’, Van Mildert College SCR & MCR Presentation.

08/12 & 09/12 - Delivery of ‘Masculinity and Criminal Justice’ Workshop to Practitioners of Northumbria Probation Trust as Part of PhD Findings Dissemination.

11/11 – 07/12 - Primary Researcher and Research Coordinator for ‘Probation Council’ Research commissioned by Northumbria Probation Trust through User Voice: Overall Responsibility for Research Design, Conducting of Qualitative Research, Liaison with Stakeholders, Data Analysis (NVivo) and Writing of Final Report.

07/11 – 02/12 - Primary Researcher for ‘What’s your Story’, a Nationwide Research Project (approximately 500 participants) initiated by User Voice: Overall Responsibility for Research Design, Data Analysis (NVivo), Training of Researchers, Writing of Final Report.

July 2012 - 'Boys will be boys- negotiating masculinity and the impact of gender on the assessment of young men who have offended in England and Wales’, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference, Toulouse Business School.

November 2011 - 'And then there were the boys- males spaces and their place within the discourse on men and masculinity’, Manchester Metropolitan University.

September 2011 - 'Masculinity and Youth Justice in England and Wales’, Conference for Sex, Sexuality and Gender Research, Durham University (UK).

Research Groups

School of Applied Social Sciences

Research Interests

  • Youth policy
  • Social policy
  • Social exclusion
  • Participatory and innovative research methods
  • Social, youth and community work


Books: reviews

  • Baumgartner, E. (2013). A refreshing take on masculinity studies from beyond the ivory tower of academia. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal 32(1): 120-122.

Journal papers: academic

  • Baumgartner, E. (2012). And then there were the Men- Masculinity and the Youth Justice System in England and Wales. Journal of Social Sciences, Special Edition: 'Gendered Subjects 9(3): 79-86.

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