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School of Applied Social Sciences

Postgraduate Programmes in Community and Youth Work

So coming to Durham for the first time without knowing anyone. Durham really sets itself apart in its welfare support for the first time international and first time students in general. With support from your department, the international office and especially the college system which makes Durham quite unique. In having local colleges that if you take your time to look on the university web site you can really find a community that fits what you are looking for. A community that makes you feel a bit more like at home.

Nathan Cagney (MA Community and Youth Work 2009/2010)

Durham is quite a unique place. A place where studying itself is very challenging, but it is an all round experience. You are going to work, you are doing your studies but you also belong to your college and that's the Durham difference. There's a great sense of actually belonging. You belong to your college, you belong to your department; lots of social life which is very rich in Durham that's the special thing about Durham. You make friends - it doesn't matter what age you are you can still make good friends.

John Ristway( MA Managing Community Practice 2008/2010)

Postgraduate Certificate/Postgraduate Diploma/MA Managing Youth Work Practice

This is a similar flexible modular postgraduate programme in the School of Applied Social Sciences for those working with young people. It will be of particular interest to qualified workers who wish to develop their career and practice through study at postgraduate level.

Short courses