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Sarah Everard Tributes

Sarah Everard

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Geography, St Cuthbert's Society, 2005-08

Sarah was a popular and lively member of the Durham University, St. Cuthbert’s Society and Geography Department communities and retained a large Durham friendship group post-graduation. The entire University community, here in Durham, the UK, and across the world, has been shocked and saddened by the loss of Sarah. Our deepest condolences are with her family and friends.

This page is for the Durham University community to share tributes and memories of Sarah to celebrate and remember her life.

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From Helena Reason (nee Wood), St Cuthbert's Society, 2000-2003

I am a Cuthswoman like Sarah, but being a few years older than her, our paths did not cross whilst we were at university.

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah at marketing agency RAPP (a large, well known agency). 

It would be easy to have dismissed Sarah as yet another young, beautiful, blonde Account Manager, of which the industry has many. But Sarah's talent soon set her apart. 

Sarah had the ability to get on with everyone, whether it be the most pretentious Planner or cantankerous Creative team. She was astute, smart, calm and professional. She was able to tell the difference between average and great creative work, and fight for the latter, so people respected her. As a colleague remarked, she would 'fight the good fight'. She was very popular and well-loved by everyone she worked with.

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From Andrew Priory, St John's College, 1986-89

Sadly, I never had the privilege of meeting Sarah, but the descriptions I have read suggest that she was a wonderful person and a good friend to many. No doubt she enriched many peoples’ lives during her time at Durham University. I cannot even begin to imagine the loss and pain you are experiencing, but as a parent of a daughter who attended the same university, I wanted to express my deepest sympathy. You and your family are very much in my family’s thoughts. 

From Chris Totney, St Cuthbert's Society, 2001-04

I would like to express how very shocked and sad I was to hear the news of Sarah’s death.

During my time at Durham, I was fortunate enough to be Organ Scholar at University College and the Cathedral at various points along my university journey, and still find myself playing for services in church on a regular basis where I now live in Wiltshire. At the time of writing, I find myself in the midst of Holy Week as await the good news of Jesus’ resurrection at Easter. At this time, much reflective music is played in churches, so it will be my privilege to dedicate one of my performances to Sarah's memory during this week.

Please be assured of my thoughts and prayers in the days and months ahead.

With my very best wishes to her family and all the Durham University community, past and present. 

From David Vonberg, St Cuthberts Society, 1976-1979

I was in a very different generation from Sarah, but I was shocked at her death when from all I have read she was student who had already achieved a lot and had a great future ahead. What waste and a sorrow.

From Dr Elshan Abdullayev, IAS Fellow at St Cuthbert's Society, 2019

I was an IAS fellow in St. Cuthbert's Society, Durham University many years after Sarah studied. I did not know Sarah, but I was shocked by the news about her death. It is very difficult for me to express my feeling. 

I am at a loss for words. I know there is nothing for me to say that will make Sarah’s family and friends’ loss easier but I am sending my respect and support. My deepest condolences to Sarah’s family during such a difficult time.

Rest in peace Sarah!

From Frank Jude

I walked past my old college, Cuths, a few months back on a nostalgic trip out, then when the news come out about Sarah, at home just imagined her walking up the Bailey, laughing & joking with her friends, just as I did in the 70s. I still think of it sometimes with real sadness.

From John Ranjith Ravindranayagam, St Cuthbert's Society, 2011-12

I am deeply in shock to hear this news. Though I have not met Sarah, I can feel the pain of her parents and relatives in this torrid time. I would like to express my full support and prayers to her family. My thoughts are fully with the family. Rest in Peace Sarah. God bless and take care of your family.

From Ruth Charles, St Cuthbert's Society, 2004-07

I was at Cuth’s from 2004-2007 so my time overlapped with Sarah’s. Although I did not know Sarah well, Cuth’s is a family and I remember Sarah at JCR events and Cuth’s bar. My thoughts are with Sarah’s family at this terrible time. Sarah will never be forgotten.

From Tera Bush

May her memory forever be a blessing

From Angeline Needham, St. Chad’s College, 2001-2004

To the family and friends of Sarah Everard, I send you my deepest condolences on the tragic loss of a beautiful daughter, sister and friend. To Sarah, we never met and our time in Durham was not shared but that seems to matter little. I send you my love. You were a beautiful, independent and much admired woman. You will not be forgotten. May your soul fly free and in peace.

From Annette Wright

I too am from a different time at Durham being considerably older. However I just want to pass on my heartfelt and sincere condolences to her family and friends.

From Ben Scanlan, St Cuthbert’s Society 2004-2009

My time at Cuth’s spanned Sarah’s and we spent some time together on the rugby pitch - some of her best friends played and coached alongside me and I have some fond memories of Sunday mornings at Maiden Castle. 

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From Christine Sinnett

A terrible tragedy my thoughts are with her family and friends.

From David Lewin, St Cuthbert’s Society, 1964-1967

Sarah and I missed one another at St Cuthbert’s by a period of some forty years. I moved to London to study, work and have a family. We too were blessed with a wonderfully gifted daughter – also a geographer – with a successful career, huge circle of friends and an international outlook. I would like to think that we shared with Sarah something of her happiness and experiences as a South Londoner. My family and I wish to express to Sarah’s family and friends our sorrow at her untimely death and extend to you all our deepest sympathies. While no words of ours can possibly console the heartbreak of so overwhelming a loss, we pray that the anguish of your bereavement may in time be mitigated by the many cherished memories you have of your delightful daughter and the pride you must feel in everything she achieved.

From Dean Rowell, Hatfield College, 2004

I began postgraduate study at the University of Durham in 2004. All the best to Sarah's family and the remembrance of Sarah. May the Angels in Heaven be with her always.

From Eimear O’Boyle

With deepest sympathy on the tragic passing of your beloved daughter, Sarah. As a Durham alumni, my heart goes out to you and your family at this difficult time. She was a beautiful young woman who was taken much too soon. I and the Durham community are keeping you in our thoughts & prayers and are sending love at such a challenging time. Best wishes, Eimear

From Gabriel D. Cantu, St. Cuthbert's Society, 2005-2008

Durham continues to hold great meaning; more so when such coincidence is brought to bear. Sarah and I matriculated and graduated alongside, attended many events and travelled the same paths of town and Cuth's. I can sadly share little more than despair for the shut-eyed blank of underneath you feel.


You are in our hearts,

Gabriel D. Cantu

From Martin Sheedy, St.Cuthbert’s, 1972-75

A tragic loss for Sarah’s family and friends. Requiescat in Pace Sarah.

From Victoria Battell, St Aidans College 2000 and Graduate Society 2001

Although I never knew Sarah, I pray she is at peace and for comfort for her family enduring this tragic loss. It amazes me how connected the Durham alumni is all over the world and over our graduation years. Her loss is rightly commemorated by this prestigious university, we are all honored to graduate from. May the example of her life inspire others and continually call forth change for the good of society. Rest In Peace, dear Sarah.

From Rachael Shimmin

Such a tragic loss. My thoughts are with all those who knew Sarah.

From Rebecca Lees

Dear the Everard family, and Sarah’s friends and loved ones,

I’m grateful to have the opportunity via Durham University to share my tribute to Sarah with you. Our time at Durham did not overlap but I met Sarah in Rio de Janeiro and again in Buenos Aires. Although we did not stay in touch, I hoped you might appreciate hearing how Sarah touched those she encountered even briefly.

Picture of Sarah Everard and Rebecca Lees

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From Roger Henman, St Cuthbert's Society, 1969-1972

I graduated many years before Sarah from Cuths and like other contributors treasure my time spent there. When I read of Sarah’s connection with Cuths I was extremely moved as also being a Geographer we would have shared many experiences. My wife Eileen and I lost a son Edward who was killed by a drunk driver in Paris in 1994 aged 20. He was spending time at the Sorbonne as part of an exchange with UCL in London where he was studying. We were shattered by his death but as the years have passed we are left with the memories of the wonderful 20 years we had with him. The fun times we shared. His ready smile. His tolerance and his courage. His love for family and friends. So I would simply say to fellow alumni especially those who had the privilege of knowing Sarah to remember the good times spent with her and all that she meant to you. Take a little of Sarah wherever you go and keep her memory alive.

From Rosalind Partridge

I did not know Sarah, but I am so sad that such a lovely girl has had her life cut short. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

From Victoria Topham, St Mary's College, 1991-94

As a Durham graduate I wanted to pass on my thoughts and condolence. I studied Geology and after graduating lived in London until I was 33, including renting accommodation in areas of Clapham & Brixton that Sarah probably knew well. I’m now 48, but I identify with the life that Sarah was leading. An independent & capable career girl, living a life that she had worked hard for and deserved. With a daughter of my own I can hardly bear to imagine your family’s loss but Sarah deserves to be remembered for her life so I hope that you can somehow, in your minds, dampen the inevitable media attention and savour your memories of Sarah and who she was for you.

From David Ruddock, St Cuthbert’s Society, 1971-1974

I left Durham far too long ago to have known Sarah, but like many others I was shocked to hear that she had been at Cuth’s. It has long been the home of wonderful and independently-minded people and from what I have heard of Sarah it’s clear that she was one of them. Deepest condolences to her family and to her partner. May she rest in peace.

From Hannah Hogan

Dear Sarah

Wherever you are now, I hope you are at peace.

I am so sorry Sarah. I, and I’m sure so many other women, have been touched by your death. We walked the same streets of the same town. We sat in the same lecture theatres, used the same library, went to the same clubs, the same bars, graduated in the same cathedral.

Rest in peace Sarah, x

From Julian Bennett, St Cuthbert's Society, 1975-78

I graduated from St.Cuths long before Sarah, but still hold a deep affection for my time there. To read of the death of this talented woman, and the circumstances of this, was difficult enough to absorb, but that feeling was intensified in learning she was one of the St.Cuths family, a woman who would have walked the same paths I did when there. I can only express my sincere and deepest condolences over this tragedy, and the wish that she rest in peace as the family, relatives, and friends, find their way also to peace.

From Peter Rees, St Cuthbert's Society, 1960-63

On Prebends Bridge, thinking of Sarah

Half church of God, half castle ‘gainst the Scot”,
Sir Walter Scott enthused when from this bridge
he wondered at the majesty of Durham,
as so did I and countless youthful eyes
before and since, bright futures beckoning.

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From Ruth Owen (nee Pinder), Van Mildert College 1980-84

Sending deepest sympathies and heartfelt acknowledgement of your profound loss, from a fellow Dunelm student.

I am from a different generation to Sarah, but we all belong to the Durham family and we have lost one of our brightest stars.

May she rest in peace and may you find comfort in the love and support of the wider community.

From Professor Elizabeth Archibald, Principal of St Cuthbert's Society

Extract from Tribute to Sarah Everard, Virtual Vigil, 15th March 2021

I did not know Sarah Everard personally, but she was a student in Cuth’s for three years from 2005 to 2008, and that makes her family, in the broad tribal sense in which we understand the idea of family in Durham colleges. I know that she was a popular member of Cuth’s, and had a large and loyal friendship group. Some of them have been in touch with us in the last week – but so have many members of Cuth’s who did not know her, from a JCR President in the 1960s to the Visiting Fellow from Azerbaijan who lived in the college for a term last year. They too regard her as part of the Cuth’s family.

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