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Durham University

Durham Centre for Roman Cultural Studies

Why did the Romans build Hadrian's Wall?

"Tax collection."
"To keep the Scots out."
"To keep out the Picts."
"Control of the population, symbol of power."
"Hadrian needed to mark the northern limit of the empire."
"Defence & keeping legions busy to avoid idle minds planning rebellion."
"Mark the northern edge of the empire, control of local populations, sign of Roman might."
"Because they recognised their limitations and wanted to draw a line around their empire."
"Mainly for defensive reasons to protect the empire from attacks as they were unable to conquer the north."
"To represent Roman culture in the north Britain, and as Hadrian said, 'to make peace' between different cultures and people."
"To keep the barbarians under control from the north and also to keep the men occupied while they were far from home. A statement of superiority."
"To protect their empire from the 'wild' scots and to control traffic between the Roman Empire and Scotland, and also to show how powerful and mighty Hadrian was."

Why was Wall built?

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