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Durham University

Durham Centre for Roman Cultural Studies

Wall at West Denton

"Shows our heritage remains in modern life."
"Strange contrast of modern housing and ancient foundations."
"Passed it many times, never seen it as a photo opportunity."
"Do those people in the cars and houses even notice the wall?"
"I take photos of signboards so I know what I'm taking pictures of."
"I like this image - not idealised. Roman wall in front of modern semis."
"Interesting that the wall goes through so many different types of places."
"Don't like the image - but does clearly indicate how the wall & modern urbanisation coexist."
"Nice notices - shame they all say the same with no detail on what exactly you are looking at!"

Denton Burn

Hadrian’s Wall at West Denton (Tyneside)
© R. Witcher. Creative Commons Licence. Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

West Dento

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