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Durham University

Durham Centre for Roman Cultural Studies


"Photo doesn't do the temple justice - barbed wire & mud - not inviting."
"Makes me reflect on restoration and presentation of ancient monuments."
"Interesting to see the religious side of Roman life rather than just the military side."
"Lifted our spirits after a long day of hard walking - a mystical feel as we walked away."
"Shame about the barbed wire - suggest that one cannot visit the site which is so untrue."
"Fascinating heritage; a sense of the hidden; let your imagination run wild. We put money on the altar."
"Without the altars it would have no interest for me as it could just be another four walls of an un-identified Roman building."
"This was well worth a visit, to realise the strength of their religious beliefs and the connections they had with their homeland."


Mithraeum (Temple to Mithras) at Carrawburgh Roman fort
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