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Cuddy's Crags

"Typical Wall landscape - wild and empty."
"Epitomises why Hadrian's Wall is where it is!"
"The Wall both exploits and ignores the landscape."
"Wall must have been awe inspiring in Roman times."
"Could just be a cliff with a dry stone wall (of the common kind) at the top. Not exciting."
"I feel I'm on the wrong side of the wall... And that it appears too formidably located to assault."
"Must have been quite impossible to cross when it was used as a defensive barrier by the Romans."
"We took lots of similar pictures as we want to be able to remember the beauty and sheer scale of the crags."

Cuddy's Crags

Hadrian’s Wall at Cuddy’s Crag near Housesteads Roman Fort
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Cuddy's Crags

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