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Durham University

Durham Centre for Roman Cultural Studies

Sycamore Gap

"Not named on the OS map so we missed it!"
"It's the contrast of natural and man made in symmetry."
"Makes a dramatic situation un-dramatic. Chocolate boxy and boring."
"If you've seen Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves you recognise the place."
"I haven't made it to this spot, but I'm sure I'll be taking  a similar photo."
"The photo we took is now a screensaver on the computer as the image is balanced."
"The solitary nature of the tree... The wall holding back an invisible encroaching enemy (e.g. Time)."
"An alien tree (sycamore) in terms of native woodlands - over photographed - and the Romans would never have allowed a tree so near to the Wall!

Sycamore Gap

Sycamore Gap looking west.
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Sycamore Gap

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