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Durham University

Durham Centre for Roman Cultural Studies

Imperial Frontier Walls

Imperial Frontier Walls: their economic, political and landscape context

Birley Room, Department of Archaeology, University of Durham,

Saturday 10th February 2007

The Durham Centre for Roman Cultural Studies in conjunction with the Durham Landscape Research Group will hold a one day workshop on imperial frontier walls intended to bring together scholars based in northern Britain. The aim is to generate a geographically wide-ranging discussion around various Roman walls and frontier regions.

The advantage of this rather modest catchment is that it includes individuals with a strong interest in frontier walls, including China, Hadrian's Wall, the Antonine Wall, the limes, Western Turkey and the Black Sea, NE Iran. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss current research and future potential. 


10.00    Introduction
10.15    TONY WILKINSON and H. ‘OMRANI REKAVANDI, The Gorgan Wall, NE Iran, and its Landscape
10.45    EBERHARD SAUER and H. ‘OMRANI REKAVANDI, The Gorgan and Tammishe Walls in NE Iran: a heavily armed and defended frontier?
11.15    Coffee
11.45    JIM CROW, The Anastasian Long Wall: 'the Last Frontier'
12.15    BILL HANSON and IOANA OLTEAN, Recent aerial survey of the late Roman/Byzantine walls in Dobrogea'
12.45    Discussion
13.00    Lunch
13.45    DAVID BREEZE, How we create our interpretations of Hadrian’s Wall
14.15    ANDREW BIRLEY, Hadrian’s Wall vici, the great divide?
14.45    Tea
15.15    RICHARD HINGLEY, Images of Hadrian’s Wall
15.45    Discussion
17.00    Close