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Post-election 2017 – Durham University expertise

(9 June 2017)

A selection of Durham University experts who are available for comment to the media on a variety of post-election issues.



Professor Richard Harris, Deputy Dean (Research) and Professor of Economics, Durham University Business School

Areas of expertise:

  • Productivity in the UK
  • Differences in UK regional performance
  • Evaluation of government industrial policy

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 45388; (email) r.i.d.harris@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/research/directory/staff/?mode=staff&id=10666

Dr Christos Tsinopoulos, Director of Master in Management Programmes and Associate Professor in Operations & Project Management, Durham University Business School

Areas of expertise:

  • Brexit and UK manufacturing
  • Effect of Brexit on businesses

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 45555; (email) chris.tsinopoulos@durham.ac.uk 

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/business/about/our-people/search-results/?id=902&127937


Professor Joe Elliott, School of Education

Areas of expertise:

  • Education practices in different countries
  • Children's development, behaviour and learning, both in relation to UK and internationally
  • Children with special educational needs – eg dyslexia, ADHD

NOTE: Professor Elliott is also known as Professor Julian Elliott

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 45011; (email) joe.elliott@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/education/staff/?id=2004

Professor Stephen Gorard, Professor of Education and Public Policy, School of Education

Areas of expertise:

  • Education policy
  • School performance including academies, free schools and grammar schools
  • Widening participation in Higher Education
  • Equity in education
  • Teacher supply
  • Interventions to overcome disadvantage
  • Social mobility

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 48419; (email) s.a.c.gorard@durham.ac.uk

Staff Profile: www.durham.ac.uk/directory/profile/?id=11539

Professor Steve Higgins, School of Education

Areas of expertise:

• Evidence in education and evidence based policy and practice
• Interventions to overcome disadvantage (and Pupil Premium)
• Equity in education and social mobility
• Primary education (reading and mathematics)
• Effective use of digital technologies for learning in schools.

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 48359; (email) s.e.higgins@durham.ac.uk

Staff Profile: www.durham.ac.uk/directory/profile/?id=4444


Professor Andy Aplin, Professor of Unconventional Petroleum, Director of CeREES (Centre for Research into Earth Energy Solutions) in the Department of Earth Sciences

Areas of expertise:

  • Oil and gas
  • Unconventional hydrocarbons including gas shales and shale oil
  • Fracking

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 334 2332; (email) a.c.aplin@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/directory/profile/?id=11542

Professor Jon Gluyas, Executive Director, Durham Energy Institute; Dean of Knowledge Exchange & Professor in Carbon Capture and Storage & Geo-Energy in the Department of Earth Sciences

Areas of expertise:

  • Carbon capture and storage;
  • Petroleum production;
  • Geothermal energy.

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 42302; email j.g.gluyas@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/earth.sciences/staff/academic/?id=7636

Professor Tooraj Jamasb, Chair in Energy Economics in Durham University Business School and Co-Director in Durham Energy Institute

Areas of expertise:

  • Energy policy
  • Energy sector reform and market liberalisation
  • Consumer pricing
  • Fuel poverty (tax relief and welfare support)
  • Regulatory economics

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 334 5463; (email) tooraj.jamasb@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/research/directory/staff/?mode=staff&id=11463


Professor David Hunter, Director of the Centre for Public Policy and Health, School of Medicine and Health

Areas of expertise:

  • Health and health care services
    • Health policy and management
    • Healthcare reform
    • Public health
    • Health and well-being

Contact: Communications Office on +44 (0)191 334 6075 or email communications.team@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile www.durham.ac.uk/directory/profile/?id=63

Professor John McLachlan, Professor of Medical Education, School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health

Areas of expertise:

  • Medical training (for doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners)
  • Standards and availability of international doctors post Brexit
  • Complementary and alternative medicine
  • Human reproductive biology (eg cloning, IVF, etc)
  • Arts in medicine

Contact: (email) j.c.mclachlan@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/school.health/staff/?username=dhs0jcm


Professor Thom Brooks, Professor in Law and Government, and Head of Durham Law School

Areas of expertise:

  • Asylum law
  • Brexit
  • British Politics
  • Citizenship
  • Criminal Justice
  • English Devolution & EVEL
  • EU Migration Crisis
  • Immigration Law & Policy
  • Labour Party
  • Restorative Justice
  • Punishment
  • Sentencing 

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 44365; (email) thom.brooks@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/law/staff/?id=11140

Twitter: @thom_brooks

Please note that Professor Brooks is a member of the Labour Party

Professor Helen Fenwick, Professor in Law, Durham Law School 

Areas of expertise:

  • Counter-terrorist law and policy
  • Public protest
  • Human Rights Act; proposals for a Bill of Rights 

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 42831; (email) h.m.fenwick@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/directory/profile/?id=421

Professor Clare McGlynn, Professor in Law, Durham Law School

Areas of expertise:

  • Rape law and policy
  • Violence against Women
  • Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence
  • Legal Regulation of Pornography

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 42837; (email); clare.mcglynn@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/directory/profile/?id=429

Professor Gavin Phillipson, Deputy Head of Durham Law School

Areas of expertise:

  • The Human Rights Act, the European Convention on Human Rights and Conservative plans for a British Bill of Rights
  • Anti-terrorism law and human rights
  • Media law, especially hate speech, privacy, defamation, press regulation and Leveson.
  • The UK Constitution and constitutional reform including:
    • The impact of Brexit on the constitution
    • English Votes for English Laws
    • The Fixed Term Parliament Act
    • Government formation House of Lords Reform
    • The role and powers of the Crown
    • Decisions to use military force and the role of Parliament

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 42805; (email) gavin.phillipson@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/law/staff/stafflist/?mode=staff&id=5039

Professor Robert Schuetze, Professor of European Law at Durham Law School

Areas of expertise:

  • Consequences of UK ending its EU Membership
  • European Union Law
  • Comparative Constitutional Federalism 

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 334 2802; (email) robert.schuetze@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/directory/profile/?id=2757

Professor Eleanor Spaventa, Professor of European Union Law, Durham Law School

Areas of expertise:

  • Rights of European Union and UK citizens post Brexit
  • Free movement of goods, workers, establishment and services in the EU
  • European Union Citizenship
  • Internal Market
  • Fundamental Rights in the EU
  • EU Constitutional Issues
  • Discrimination (nationality, religion etc) in the EU

Contact: (office) +44 (0)191 33 46857; (mobile) +44 (0)7737895877; (email) eleanor.spaventa@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/law/staff/?id=4411


Dr Gidon Cohen, Senior Lecturer in Politics, School of Government and International Affairs

Areas of expertise:

  • Political activism (including apathy among party activists)
  • Party membership and organisation
  • British political history

Contact: Communications Office on +44 (0)191 334 6075 or email communications.team@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/directory/profile/?id=2889 

Dr Nick Vivyan, Lecturer in the School of Government and International Affairs

Areas of expertise:

  • British politics
  • Public opinion and elections
  • The relationship between MPs and constituents

Contact: Communications Office on +44 (0)191 334 6075 or email communications.team@durham.ac.uk

Staff profile: www.durham.ac.uk/sgia/profiles/?id=9278

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