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The events listed in this area are research seminars, workshops and lectures hosted by Durham University departments and research institutes. If you are not a member of the University, but  wish to enquire about attending one of the events please contact the organiser or host department.


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Events for 25 January 2018

'Hell, Heaven and Hope. A journey through life and the afterlife with Dante', Exhibition curated by Dr Annalisa Cipollone

9:00am to 11:55pm, Palace Green Library, Durham University

Contact for more information about this event.

Hugh McLeod: Religion and the Rise of Sport in Victorian England

11:00am, Seminar Room C (D/TH107), Dept. of Theology & Religion, Abbey House, DH1 3RS, Durham

Contact,,, for more information about this event.

The role of nuclear reactor technology on the development of the nuclear industry and decision making in the context of the energy crisis and price fluctuations of the 1970s and 1980s

1:00pm to 2:00pm, ES231, Arthur Holmes Building, Durham University, Dr Duncan Connors, Durham University Business School

Contact for more information about this event.

Daniel Ballesteros-Chavez: The prescribed Weingarten curvatures problem in hyperbolic space

1:00pm, CM301

We will present a detailed proof for the existence of a closed convex hypersurface in the hyperbolic ball with prescribed 1 \le k < n - Weingarten curvature. Specifically, we deal with the equivariant problem for a sufficiently large group of hyperbolic automorhphisms. The proof proceeds by establishing (nonlinear) strict ellipticity of the associated PDE. Then we obtain existence in C^{1,a} for an auxiliary problem by Schauder theory, C^2 smoothness using ellipticity and a Lemma by Cheng-Yau, and C^{2,a} - regularity by Evans-Krylov. Finally, existence of a solution is established by degree theory in the equivariant setting. The results presented are part of the speakers PhD thesis.

Contact,, for more information about this event.

OWRI History of Humanities Series: Professor Galin Tihanov (QMUL) 'World Literature, War, Revolution: Viktor Shklovsky’s Sentimental Journey'

4:30pm, Russkiy Mir Centre, A29, Elvet Riverside I, Durham University

Contact for more information about this event.