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Developmental Trajectory of Trust (and Mistrust) through Childhood into Adulthood

A research project of the School of Education.


Trust has been measured extensively in young children using paradigms that have looked at who individuals source information from when multiple sources are available For example, when two models, who vary across different dimensions (e.g., age, gender, familiarity), open a box using different methods, which method does a child choose to adopt. However, trust is more than this and involves an emotional dimension that is not present in the sourcing information paradigms. Also there may not be a clear developmental trajectory of trust, as children may feel differing levels of trust for different entities over time. With this research we will explore the evidence of the development and taxonomy of ‘trust’.


The project is funded by the following grant.

  • Developmental Trajectory Of Trust (and Mistrust) Through Childhood Into Adulthood (£5000.00 from EPSRC via Aberdeen University)


From the School of Education