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Anglican School Partnership

A research project of the School of Education.


This project is a one-year pilot trial to encourage teachers to use research evidence on effective feedback in their own practice. The intention was to use the lessons learnt from this pilot to work towards a full test of effectiveness in future years. It was a largely formative process evaluation, to provide an estimated effect size for the intervention that could be used in any future scaled up trials. The intervention was only partly defined at the outset and was shaped in practice by the teachers as it went along. The intervention was therefore a template for practice. The evaluation was conducted in 9 primary schools involving all pupils over one academic year. Participating schools were those forming the Anglican School Partnership in Bexley. A further 5 schools from the same local authority were matched on available measures of school organisation and intake. These formed the comparator group not receiving the intervention and provided data to estimate the effect size. A total of 2,334 pupils from the intervention schools and 1,647 pupils from the comparison schools were involved in this pilot project. Outcome measures were the standardized difference between the mean APS of the treatment schools and those of the comparator schools, and the mean contextualized progress from the starting point assessments of the treatment schools and the matched comparator schools.


The project is funded by the following grant.

  • Christ Church (anglican) (£30601.80 from Education Endowment Foundation)


Final report for this pilot programme is expected in early 2014.


From the School of Education