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International Network on Urban Low Carbon Transitions (INCUT)

A research project of the Department of Geography.


INCUT is an international network of academic researchers and practitioner organisations jointly examining how cities across the globe are responding to the challenges posed by climate change. Through INCUT we exchange information and discuss viewpoints, aiming for the development of comparative approaches and a common understanding of how cities across different geographies can embrace a low carbon future.

International research suggests that cities across the world, in response to climate change, are now engaging in strategic efforts to effect a low carbon transition. That is, to enhance resilience and secure resources in the face of the impacts of climate change, resource constraints and in relation to new government and market pressures for carbon control. But significant questions remain unexplored. First, limited research has been undertaken internationally to comparatively examine how different cities in the North and South are responding to the challenges of climate change. Second, it is not clear whether the strategic intent of low carbon transitions can be realised in different urban contexts.

The INCUT network, involving leading scholars working on the city and climate change interface, is an important step towards addressing these deficits. The network focuses on the research and policy issues involved in comparing and researching the broader dynamics and implications of low carbon urbanism. It is formed by researchers based at the United Kingdom, Australia, China, India, South Africa and the US, and builds on existing research collaborations between Durham and its European partners, particularly France, Germany and Sweden.

The development of INCUT is funded by the UK Economic & Social research Council (ESRC). For further information about the project please contact Professor Simon Marvin (simon.marvin@durham.ac.uk) or Andrés Luque (a.e.luque@durham.ac.uk).


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