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MU-Map - Mapping University Mathematics

A research project of the School of Education.


The MUMAP project was a research project supported by the MSOR Network through the Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Project, part of the National HE STEM Programme (see for further information).

The project was jointly managed by Paola Iannone (University of East Anglia) and Adrian Simpson (Durham University). 


The project is funded by the following grant.

  • Mu-map: Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices (£2310.00 from National HE Stem Programme)


It aimed to develop a complete survey of assessment methods in all mathematics departments in the United Kingdom. This will provide a snapshot of current practice in 2011-2012 at three levels: the module, the year and the degree course.


The MU-MAP project led to the following outcomes:

1. The MU-MAP website at This website houses all outcomes of the project including the MU-MAP book, workshop presentations and a searchable database of literature on assessment of mathematics at university level.

2. The MU-MAP book “Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices” published by the HEA and available for free download on the website.

3. Presentation of the project and launch of call for mini-projects bids (Loughborough University, 17.11.11). Dissemination of findings at the British Mathematical Colloquium (Kent University, 16-19 April 2012). Details of both meetings are posted on the MU-MAP website.

4. Conference dissemination. Some of the findings of the project were presented at a specialist mathematics assessment day conference at Loughborough University (16 May 2012), at the conference of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (Sussex University, 9 July, 2012) and at the CETL-MSOR Conference (12-13 July 2012).

5. A number of chapters and research papers (detailed below)


Iannone, P. & Simpson, A. (2012). Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices. Norwich: HEA.

Ianone, P. & Simpson, A. (2012). A survey of current assessment practices. In Mapping university mathematics assessment practices. Iannone, P. & Simpson, A. Norwich: HEA.

Iannone, P. & Simpson, A. (2012). Performance assessment in mathematics: Preliminary empirical research. In Mapping university mathematics assessment practices. Iannone, P. & Simpson, A. Norwich: HEA.

Iannone, P. & Simpson, A. (2012). How do we assess our students? A survey of current assessment practices in UK universities? MSOR Connections 12(1): 7-10.

Iannone, P. & Simpson, A. (2012). Oral assessment in mathematics: Implementation and outcomes. Teaching Mathematics and its Applications 31(4): 179-190.


As a result of the project, the principal investigators were asked by the Chief Executive of the HEA to contribute a new chapter on mathematics to her co-edited book “A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” to be published in 2014.

The MUMAP book was circulated to every mathematics department in the UK and was positively reviewed in MSOR Connections by John Blake, Former Director of the UK Higher Education Academy's Mathematics, Statistics & Operational Research Network

One of the principal investigators is presenting the main results of the project as a plenary session on assessment at the Delta Conference in Kiama, Australia.


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