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Three-Dimensional Quantification of Coherent Flow Structures in Large Alluvial Channels: a New Approach Using Multibeam Sounding

A research project of the Department of Geography.


This project develops a high resolution multibeam echosounding system for determination of the three-dimensional morphology of shallow fluvial flows. It provides information with cm resolution and sub-cm precision along with simultaneous data on turbidity throughout the instrument swath width. The project will test the quality of the data that this system provides and apply it to the quantification of: (1) shear zone processes at the junction of the Parana and Paraguay Rivers on the Argentina-Paraguay border; and (2) the interaction between fine sediment suspension and the morphology of low-angled dune fields. The result would be an understanding of the interaction between aspects of bed morphology and three-dimensional flow processes that has yet to be achieved.


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