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Transnational Climate Change Governance (TCCG)

A research project of the Department of Geography.


Led by the Department of Geography, Durham University, Transnational Climate Change Governance (TCCG) is an international research network sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust. Its aim is to examine the significance and implications of transnational arrangements for climate change governance by bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scholars with expertise in transnational relations, global governance and climate change. While both research and policy communities are increasingly interested in the potential of transnational climate change governance, we currently lack a systematic framework for considering their emergence and potential. Given the proliferation of these arrangements, and the seemingly inexorable rise in greenhouse gas emissions, there is a pressing need to understand their influence, effectiveness and legitimacy. This research network will seek to contribute to this critical task by:

  • Developing the conceptual basis for understanding transnational climate change governance and the central issues of authority, legitimacy, representation and accountability
  • Systematically mapping the nature and extent of transnational governance arrangements for climate change and developing a typology to evaluate the significance of this phenomenon
  • Analysing and comparing case studies of transnational governance arrangements for climate change in order to understand their functions, effectiveness and limitations
  • Engaging with the wider research and policy community to consider the implications of transnational climate change governance for post-2012 climate policy, for the environment and for our understanding of global governance


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