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Heart of the Atlantic: cultural landscapes of Sandoy, Faroe Islands

A research project of the Department of Archaeology.


This multi-disciplinary project is exploring the changing cultural and natural landscapes on the island of Sandoy, from first settlement to modern time. Dr. Mike Church is co-directing this project with researchers from the Faroes, Iceland, UK and US. Archaeological, historical, geographical and palaeoecological techniques are being employed to investigate the timing and impact of human settlement on the landscape and the cultural adaptations needed for long-term settlement in the Faroes. Archaeological investigations are focusing on the extensive excavations at Undir Junkarinsfløtti and Á Søndum in the village of Sandur and a programme of systematic archaeological survey across various parts of the island.

The principal research collaborators are Símun Arge (Føroya Forminnissavn), Dr. Julie Bond (Bradford University), Steve Dockrill (Bradford University), Professor Andy Dugmore (University of Edinburgh), Ragnar Edvardsson (City University New York), Dr. Ian Lawson (Leeds University), Professor Tom McGovern (City University New York), Professor Ian Simpson (Stirling University), Dr. Jim Woollett (Laval University, Quebec). The principal funding bodies are Anadarko (Faroes), the Leverhulme Trust (UK), the National Science Foundation (US) and the Faroese Research Council (Fareos).

Part of the exposed coastal erosion section through the farm mound at Undir Junkarinsfløtti

Published Results

Journal Article

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