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Upper Tisza Project

A research project of the Department of Archaeology.


Dr. John Chapman is a co-director (with Dr. József Laszlovszky, Budapest) of this six-year interdisciplinary Anglo-Hungarian landscape archaeological programme based upon GIS from the outset. Inter-disciplinary collaborations include research on DNA (Dr. Keri Brown, UMIST), stable isotope and physical anthropology (Dr. Beth Rega, California), soil science, geo-archaeology and palaeo-hydrology (as in Dalmatia). The project has seen one e-Book and ten interim publications so far. Publication of this extensive material has been agreed with the York Archaeological Data Service in the form of 7 interactive e-Books ((1) Lowland Field Survey Block 1; (2) Lowland Field Survey Blocks 2 & 3; (3) Upland Field Survey Block 3; (4) Excavations at the Neolithic Site of Polgár-10; (5) Excavations at the Neolithic & Bronze Age Site of Regéc-95; (6) The Chipped, Ground & Polished Stone Assemblages of North-East Hungary; and (7) Palaeo-environmental Reconstructions (by other colleagues)). A conventional synthetic monograph is planned for 2008 to summarize the results.


with Shiel, R., Passmore, D., Magyari, E. et al. 2003. The Upper Tisza Project: studies in Hungarian landscape archaeology.
1995. Social power in the early farming communities of Eastern Hungary - perspectives from the Upper Tisza region. A Josa András Múzeum Évkönyve 36: 79-99.
2002. Neolithic pottery at Polgár-10 (Hungary): measuring the habitus. Documenta Praehistorica XXIX: 127-144.
1997. Places as timemarks – the social construction of landscapes in Eastern Hungary, in Chapman J. & Dolukhanov, P. (eds.) Landscapes in Flux, 137-162. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

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