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Smoke Free North East Office: a model of good practice for England?

A research project of the Department of Anthropology, part of the Medical Anthropology research group.


This proposal is to study the effectiveness of the Smoke Free North East Office (SFNEO), the first regional Tobacco Control Office (TCO) in England. It is modelled on the successful experience of the California TCO. A phased approach using multiple methods (including anthropological, epidemiological and economic) will be used to fully describe the formation and functioning of the TCO and to monitor outcomes. Primary outcomes include changes to public opinion; secondary outcomes include prevalence of smoking. Comparisons will be made with England over the same time period. The results of this study will be used to further publicise the work and operation of the SFNEO in the NE of England, provide a model for other regions considering developing a TCO and evidence on which the development of equivalent bodies can be based, and will inform the development of the SFNEO and increase its efficiency. The project employs a full-time post-doctoral researcher who will engage in qualitative research with the SFNEO, its managing groups, link organizations and users of Fresh services. She will also co-ordinate the anthropological, epidemiological and economic research carried out by the different members of the project team.


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