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From the Horse's Mouth: Integrating Video and Teaching in Higher Education in Anthropology

A research project of the Department of Anthropology, part of the Anthropology in Development research group.


Gilberthorpe’s video focuses on perceptions of development in two parts of PNG, each of which has been affected by large-scale mineral resource development projects.

As a teaching aid this package will afford students the opportunity to think about real concerns affecting the indigenous populations in a ‘modern’ context. Importantly, this will allow them to situate traditional anthropology and oft-cited examples such as Azande witchcraft, Trobriand exchange and Amazonian warfare within a current context. This project integrates important ideas of dynamic human relationships and strategies, as well as the continuity or discontinuity of cultural representation.


The project will develop three distinct learning tools:

  1. An edited standalone video to be used in a lecture time (~40 minutes)(on DVD)
  2. A set of graphical decision making exercises for use with small groups or individuals (on DVD)
  3. A text booklet (duplicated on the DVD) which presents the anthropological background to important issues of development, indigenous knowledge, identity and representation in the developing world


From the Department of Anthropology