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The TRECA Study : TRials Engagement in Children and Adolescents

A research project of the School of Education.


The immediate aims of this project are to evaluate the potential for multimedia interventions (MMI) to improve the quality of decision making about participation in healthcare trials involving children and young people (CYP) with long-term conditions, and to assess the impact on trial recruitment and retention.

The long-term aims of the project are to increase the available clinical evidence base for the treatment of children and young people with long-term conditions.

The objectives are:

1. To involve CYP with long-term conditions (and their parents and clinicians) in the development of two multimedia interventions (MMIs), for use when CYP are being asked to consider healthcare trial participation.

2. To obtain and analyse qualitative data from focus groups with members of key stakeholder groups (i.e. young patients with long-term conditions; parents; and clinicians) to ensure that the content, format and delivery of the MMIs reflect their preferences.

3. To user test the MMIs with CYP (and their parents), to test the ability of the MMIs to inform potential users.

4. To evaluate the MMIs in a series of trials nested within healthcare trials, and test their effects on recruitment and retention rates, and decision making, by comparing the effects of providing standard written participant information with provision of the MMIs plus the standard written participant information.

In the TRECA study we will work with key stakeholders (children and young people, parents, clinicians and researchers) to develop two multimedia interventions for use when recruiting patients to healthcare trials. We will evaluate their effectiveness within a series of nested trials, to assess the extent to which the cognitions and behaviours of patients are influenced by having access to the MMI(s).


The project is funded by the following grant.

  • The Treca Study: Trials Engagement In Children And Adolescents (£6887.00 from National Institute for Health Research)


From the School of Education