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  • Cambridge Research Systems Robson Suite with 6 CRS ViSaGe systems with response recording and CRT displays including 2 additional CRS video-based 200 Hz eye-trackers.
  • Teaching Lab at Durham City for up to 72 students with 20 PCs and 10 TVs with VCRs.
  • Teaching lab at Queen’s Campus with 44 PCs and 11 TVs with VCRs
  • Durham City based IT Computer Access Room with 14 PCs (including 4 with access to the University network) and 2 network printers.
  • 2 Video Editing Suites (one each at Durham City and Queen’s Campus) with Digital video editing system, scanner, DVD/VHS/HD recorders and various video editing equipment.
  • Durham Based Child Development lab, observation suite with two remote control cameras. Adjoining control room with central mixing desk, three monitors and VITC time code generator.
  • 2 Queen’s Campus based Child development labs with 2 wall mounted remote control cameras. A central control room contains 3 TVs, VCR and central mixing desk.
  • Language Cognition lab based at Durham City with Msec timing computers and Eyelink II Eyetracking system.
  • Durham City based Eye movement lab with dual Purkinje eye tracker and dedicated computer for stimulus presentation and data logging.
  • Emotion Perception lab at Durham City with Biopac Equipment for recording psycho-physiological responses, currently skin conductance responses and facial electro-myographic responses.
  • Memory Cognition lab at Durham City with CRS ViSaGe, response recording and CRT display, CRS VSG 2/5 response recording and CRT display, reduction viewing tunnel and calibration equipment (e.g. CRS OptiCAL and UDT photometer).
  • Durham City based face interpretation lab with dual channel EDA recorder
  • Queen’s Campus based Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation lab with frameless stereotaxy.
  • General experiment lab at Queen’s Campus with PCs plus eye-tracker and CRS ViSaGe stimulus generator. Black out blinds are fitted for use as necessary.
  • Attention lab at Queen’s Campus with CRS ViSaGe stimulus generator, Biopac system for recording electroculography, E-Prime stimulus presentation software and AcqKnowledge software for recording EOG.
  • Visuomotor lab at Queen’s Campus for eye-tracking using EyeLink II and movement tracking using OptoTrak 3020. Monitoring stations and touch screen monitor and projector allowing configuration using either E-Prime or Matlab.
  • All student computers at Durham City and Queen’s Campus are equipped with Microsoft Office software including Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 as well as SPSS v.17 and Endnote XI. A small number of machines are also installed with EQS 6
  • Student access at Durham City and Queen’s Campus to basic electrical equipment including digital cameras, digital camcorders, audio tape recorders, dictaphones, microphones, tripods, laptops, headphones, speakers, stopwatches, Keepads etc.
  • Full IT and Mechanical support from departmental technicians between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.


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