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School Of Engineering And Computing Sciences

Research Groups

Research Expertise

  • Graphics, Visualization and Image Processing
  • High Performance Computing

Research Facilities

  • Geo-environmental Research Laboratory
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Electronics workshop
  • CADCAM facilities including solid modelling
  • Industrial robots
  • Automated assembly systems
  • Simulation modelling
  • Measurement of bone joint movement
  • Measurement of normal and osteoporotic bone density `in vivo'
  • Design of artificial bone joints
  • Hot wire anemometry
  • Laser doppler anemometry
  • Optical and SEM microscopy
  • Stress path testing for soils
  • Finite element software
  • CFD software
  • Fabrication Clean Room 150 m2, 48 room changes per hour, 5% fresh air added every cycle, positive pressure to reduce air leaks and a classification <1000 particles of 0.5 microns per ft3. The Clean Room has safelight control and is software controlled.
  • 20x15x15 m Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Anechoic Chamber 24MHz-18 GHz for testing mobile phone communication channels in a noise free environment
  • A wide range of Agilent test equipment donated to the electronics laboratories including spectrum analysers, oscilloscopes and waveform generators
  • Denison Universal Tension & Compression Test Machines and beam testing frame.
  • Three rigs for long term testing of large reinforced concrete tension specimens, one capable of handling 50 mm diameter reinforcing bars, the largest size available.
  • Rig for testing reinforced concrete beam-column connection specimens.
  • Large, 2m2 Aperture Wind Tunnel for testing 40% scale road vehicles with flows up to 70 miles/hr inside the working section. Removable rolling road allows the effect of a moving ground to be simulated.
  • Transonic Wind Tunnel with a Schlieren visualisation system.
  • Durham Cascade used for fundamental work on secondary flow, most recently to profiled endwalls introduced into Rolls Royce Engines such as the Trent 500.
  • Compressor cascade to simulate blade flutter – unique facility allows the influence of one oscillating blade to be measured on a number of other blades.
  • Cross Wind Tunnel. Only facility of its type in the world that simulates the transient effects of overtaking lorries to research overtaking stability.
  • 50 kW low speed test rig with 4 quadrant dc drive system
  • 50 kW high speed test rig with Ward Leonard drive system and energy recovery Maximum speed 4000 rpm Currently used for testing new generator topologies for direct drive PM generators for small scale wind turbines
  • Civil workshop

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