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Statistics and Probability: Statistics

A research group of the Department of Mathematical Sciences.


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  • Wooff, D. A., Goldstein, M. & Coolen, F. P. A. (2014). Bayesian graphical models for high-complexity software and system testing. Springer: New York, in preparation.

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  • Einbeck, Jochen, Ainsbury, Elizabeth, Barnard, Stephen, Oliveira, Maria, Manning, Grainne, Puig, Pere & Badie, Christophe (2017). On the Use of Random Effect Models for Radiation Biodosimetry. In Extended Abstracts Fall 2015. Ainsbury, E., Calle, M., Cardis, E., Einbeck, J., Gómez, G. & Puig, P. Cham: Springer. 7: 89-94.
  • Goldstein, M., Seheult, A. & Vernon, I. (2013). Assessing Model Adequacy. In Environmental Modelling: Finding Simplicity in Complexity. Mulligan, Mark. & Wainwright, John. Wiley-Blackwell. 435-449.