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Dr Richard Moss

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Richard Moss received his BA in English Literature from Lancaster University in 2006 and an MA from Durham. He is currently working on a PhD entitled "Counter Theology in the Works of Thomas Pynchon". This project explores the various models of social and personal redemption which emerge from Pynchon's novels, as well as his fierce critiques of certain spiritual systems and their legacies (from Puritanism to New Ageism). The PhD is partially funded by the Rose and Will George Trust and is supervised by Dr Samuel Thomas. Richard has spoken at International Pynchon Week in Lublin, Poland, and is a founding member of the UK Pynchon Network with other PhD students from around the country. His paper "Ernst Bloch's Reich and Pynchon's Own Imagined Europe" is due to be published in the IPW conference proceedings. With Amy Jordan, he is currently organising a conference on performance in America fiction (scheduled for September 2011). His other areas of interest include Jewish literature, counter-culture, and European mythology and folklore.