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  • Bows, H. & Hackett, S. (2020). Sexual abuse of parents. In The SAGE Handbook of Domestic Violence. Shackelford, T. Sage.
  • Hackett, S. (2018). Assessing the needs of children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviours. In The Child's World (Third Edition). Horwath, J. & Platt, D. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
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  • Hackett, S., Balfe, M., Masson, H. & Phillips, J. (2016). A Study of Long-term Outcomes of Children with Harmful Sexual Behaviours: Using Social Media to Reach and Engage a 'Hard-to-reach' Population. In Innovations in Social Work Research. Using Methods Creatively. Hardwick, L., Smith, R. & Worsley, A. London: Jessica Kingsley. 92-106.
  • Stepanova, E. & Hackett, S. (2016). Improving Institutional Care to Enhance Outcomes for Care Leavers in Russia. In Young People Transitioning from Out-of-Home Care. International Research, Policy and Practice. Mendes, P. & Snow, P. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 367-388.
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  • Hackett, S. (2007). Just how different are they? Diversity and the treatment of young people with harmful sexual behaviours. In Children and young people who sexually abuse: taking the field forward. Calder, M. Lyme Regis: Russell House Publishing.
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