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Ms Ann-Marie Einhaus

SCR Social Secretary of Josephine Butler College

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Having gained my M.A. (Magister Artium) from Freiburg University, Germany, I joined the Department of English Studies as a PhD student in October 2007. My doctoral research at Durham, which was supervised by Timothy Clark and Jason Harding, was funded by the AHRC and a Friedrich von Hügel Scholarship. I defended my work in June 2010 and was awarded my PhD in January 2011. My thesis, titled "The British Short Story of the First World War: Form, Function, and Canonisation", investigates the canonisation and socio-political impact of the British short story of and about the First World War. The 'Great War' has shaped British collective memory significantly, and the short story was arguably the most productive genre particularly during the war. My research explores the relationship between war stories, the canon of First World War literature and British cultural memory of the war. It thus combines genre theory with a strong interest in cultural studies, and research into memory building and into narrativity and experience.

Related to my doctoral research, I co-edited the Penguin Book of First World War Stories (2007, with Barbara Korte). Other research interests include Edwardian and Modernist literature, women's poetry of the First World War, English and British identities in literature, popular and formula fiction, memory studies, and the interrelation between literature and history/historiography. I am currently teaching on the modules "Shakespeare Level 2" (2009-2011) and "Post-War Fiction and Poetry" (2010-2011) in the Department of English Studies, and I am also a Resident Tutor at Josephine Butler College, Durham University. In addition, I recently successfully completed the 2010 Durham Learning and Teaching Award programme.