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Durham University

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Dr. Brian A. Whitton

Emeritus Professor in the Department of Biosciences

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Research Interests

  • Heavy metals and photosynthetic micro- organisms
  • Surface phosphatases


Journal Article

Other (Print)

  • Whitton BA, Garcia-Ruiz, R & Pattinson, SN (1999). Nitrous oxide production in the River Swale-Ouse, North-East England. Water Research 33 (5) 1231-1237
  • Whitton BA, Garciá-Ruiz, R, Pattinson, SN (1998). Dentrification in river sediment: Relationship between process rate and properties of water and sediment. Freshwater Biology 39 467-476
  • Whitton BA, Garciá-Ruiz, R, Pattinson, SN (1998). Kinetic parameters of dentrification in a river continuum. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 64 (7) 2533-2538
  • Whitton BA, Hernandez, I, Christmas, M & Yelloly, JM (1997). Factors affecting surface alkaline phosphatase activity in the brown alga Fucus spiralis at a north sea intertidal site (Tyne Sands, Scotland). Journal of Phycology 33 569-575