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Professor Michael Prestwich, MA, D.Phil, F.R.Hist.S, FSA

Professor Emeritus (Medieval History) in the Department of History

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Specialises in the history of thirteenth and fourteenth-century England. He has written extensively on the political, military and economic aspects of this period, perhaps most notably in his biography of Edward I (1988), and his volume of the New Oxford History of England, Plantagenet England 1225-1360 (2005). His Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages (1996) is his main work on military history. He has written about fifty articles and chapters in journals and edited volumes. 

Research Interests

  • English medieval military history
  • English political and constitutional history in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries
  • The Hundred Years War


Authored book

Chapter in book

  • Prestwich, M. (2006). The Court of Edward II. In The reign of Edward II new perspectives. Dodd, Gwilym. & Musson, Anthony. Woodbridge, England: York Medieval Press in association with Boydell Press. 61-75.
  • Prestwich, M. (2006). The Enterprise of War. In A Social History of England 1200-1500. Horrox, Rosemary & Ormrod, W. Mark Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 74-90.
  • Prestwich, M (2006). Transcultural warfare: the later middle ages. In Transcultural Wars from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century. Hans-Henning Kortuem Berlin: Akadmie Verlag. 43-56.
  • Prestwich, M (2005). The Battle of Crécy. In The Battle of Crécy, 1346. A. Ayton & P. Preston Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer. 139-157.
  • Prestwich, M. (2002). The unreliability of household knights in the early fourteenth century. In Fourteenth century England II. C. Given-Wilson Woodbridge, England: Boydell Press. 1-11.
  • Prestwich, M. (2001). The garrisoning of English medieval castles. In The Normans and their Adversaries at War. Essays in Memory of C. Warren Hollister. R.P. Abels & B.S. Bachrach Woodbridge, England: Boydell Press. 185-200.
  • . (1998). The English at the battle of Neville's Cross. In The Battle of Neville's Cross 1346. D. Rollason. & M. Prestwich Stamford: Sean Tyas. 1-14.
  • . (1990). The Ordinances of 1311 and the politics of the early fourteenth century. In Politics and Crisis in Fourteenth-Century England. J. Taylor & W. Childs Stroud: Alan Sutton. 1-18.
  • . (1989). England and Scotland during the Wars of Independence. In England and her Neighbours 1066-1453: Essays in honour of Pierre Chaplais. M. Jones. & M. Vale.
  • . (1987). War and Taxation in England in the XIIth and XIVth Centuries. In Genèse de l’état moderne: Prélévement et Redistribution. J. Ph. Genet. & M. Le Mené. 181-192.
  • . (1986). Royal Patronage under Edward I. In Thirteenth Century England I. M. Prestwich, R. Frame & R. Britnell Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer. 41-52.
  • . (1985). The Piety of Edward I. In England in the Thirteenth Century: Proceedings of the Harlaxton Conference, 1984. W.M. Ormrod Harlaxton:
  • . (1984). Cavalry Service in early fourteenth century England. In War and Government in the Middle Ages. J. Gillingham. & J.C. Holt. Woodbridge: Boydell Press. 147-158.
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  • . (1979). Italian Merchants in late thirteenth- and early fourteenth-century England. In The Dawn of Modern Banking. Center for Medieval, Renaissance Studies & UCLA New Haven: Yale University Press. 77-104.

Edited book

  • (2004). J.O. Prestwich, The Place of War in English History, 1066-1214. Woodbridge: Boydell Press.

Journal Article

  • (1990). Miles in armis strenuus: The Knight at War. Transactions of the Royal Historical Society 6th series, 5: 201-20.
  • (1990). Edward I and the Maid of Norway. Scottish Historical Review 69: 157-174.
  • (1984). A new version of the Ordinances of 1311. Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 57: 189-203.
  • . (1983). English Armies in the Early Stages of the Hundred Years War: a scheme in 1341. Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 56: 102-14.
  • . (1983). The Modus Tenendi Parliamentum. Parliamentary History: A Yearbook 1: 221-5.
  • (1982). English Castles in the Reign of Edward II. Journal of Medieval History 8: 159-178.
  • (1979). Early fourteenth-century exchange rates. Economic History Review 2nd series 32: 470-482.
  • (1973). Exchequer and Wardrobe in the later years of Edward I. Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 46: 1-10.
  • (1971). Isabella de Vescy and the custody of Bamburgh Castle. Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research 44: 148-152.
  • (1969). Edward I's monetary policies and their consequences. Economic History Review 2nd series, 12: 406-416.
  • (1967). Victualling estimates for English garrisons in Scotland in the early fourteenth century. English Historical Review 82: 536-453.

Scholarly Edition

  • (orig.) (1980). Documents Illustrating the Crisis of 1297-1298 in England . London: Royal Historical Society
  • (orig.) (1976). York Civic Ordinances, 1301 . York: Borthwick Papers

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