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Professor Marc Knight, BSc. (Hons) Dunelm, PhD Glasgow

Professor in the Department of Biosciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41224

Contact Professor Marc Knight (email at


Plant Stress Signalling

There are 2 main areas of research in my lab:

1. The role of calcium in plant gene expression.

2. The molecular basis of freezing tolerance in plants.

Research Groups

Department of Biosciences


Journal Article


Selected Grants

  • 2011: Breeding for drought and freezing tolerance in crops (£4000.00 from Yorkshire Agricultural Society)
  • 2011: Calcium signalling regulating stress gene expression in plants - Student: Keir Sam Bailey (£1440.00 from The Nuffield Foundation)
  • 2009: Calcium regulation of plant productivity (CROPP) (£315488.32 from Bbsrc)