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Professor David Wood, BSc PhD


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Professor David Wood has over 30 years experience in semiconductor materials, devices and technology and with over 160 journal and conference publications. His work focuses on Microsystems Technology, and he has been awarded numerous research grants from EPSRC and other funding bodies, with the involvement of companies such as Ibex Innovations, Molecular Machines and Industries, Dolomite Microfluidics and Cummins to support the researchRecent research examples include microfabricated cantilevers and high aspect ratio SU-8 lithography, microgrippers for cell manipulation, microelectrode arrays, catalytic arrays and high frequency MOM diodes. His most recent work has concentrated on the microgripper and the MOM diodes, both of which have attracted industrial funding for research and exploitation. He has significant expertise in microfabrication techniques and was responsible for the development of the School’s clean room funded by the Royal Society and the Wolfson Foundation. A recent grant award from EPSRC will expand the group's work into looking at textured surface in microfluidic applications.

Research Interests

  • IC fabrication
  • Microsystems technology
  • Optoelectronics

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  • Industry: Chemicals, plastics, oil & gas: microelectronics
  • Industry: Chemicals, plastics, oil & gas: optical communications
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