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Dr Ezat Khosravi

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Research Interests

The group's research interests are in the field of synthetic polymer chemistry and involve synthesis, characterisation and evaluation of well-defined novel polymeric materials. A typical project involves monomer synthesis, purification and proof of structures, followed by polymerisation, isolation, purification and study of structure and properties. An outline of some of our research interests are given below.

Self-Healing Polymer Systems

This work involves developing autonomous self-healing polymer composite materials that can heal/repair themselves when micro-cracks have been formed.  The interest in automatic healing responses is really inspired by biological systems in which damage triggers an automatic healing response.

Degradable Thermosetting Materials

The aim is to developnew class of well-defined thermosetting materials containing degradable linkages.  Our interest is in thermally degradable and biodegradable linkages to promote recyclability and biodegradability of the thermosetting materials.


The research involves application of RAFT and Click polymerisation techniques for the synthesis of a range of well-defined biocompatible and biodegradable polymeric materials for various industrial applications.


This work involves the application of well-defined initiators in living ROMP of functionalised monomers to prepare a range of novel polymeric materials for various applications. The work also involves design and application of latent ruthenium catalysts for polymerisation/curing reactions at elevated temperatures.


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  14. A versatile method for functionalisation and grafting of HEC via Click polymerisation, A.M. Eissa, E. Khosravi, A.L. Cimecioglu, Carbohydrate Polymers 2012, 90, 859-896.

Research Groups

Department of Chemistry

Research Interests

  • Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
  • Novel Polymeric Materials


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