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Dr Elham Amini

Teaching Fellow in the Department of Sociology

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Appointed as a Teaching Fellow in Sociology in November 2019, Elham has previously thought at Lincoln University as a Lecturer in Sociology. She completed her PhD in Sociology of health and gender at Durham University in July 2017. She has BSc degree in Midwifery from Tehran Medical University, Tehran, Iran, and two Master degrees one in Women’s Studies from Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran and the other Sociology and Social Research Methods from Durham University. Her work focuses on the gendered and sexual experiences of Iranian Muslim menopausal women through a life history biographical narrative approach and by highlighting menopause, ageing, notions of the body, and medicalisation in relation to sexuality and gender, articulates women’s understanding of and from their menopausal bodies.

Research Interest

Medical Sociology

Gender Studies


Qualitative Research Methods


Women’s Health and Gender Studies


Modern and contemporary sociological theory

Research Methods in Action

Societies in Transition

Gender, Violence and Abuse


Amini, E. and McCormack, M., 2019, September. Medicalization, menopausal time and narratives of loss: Iranian Muslim women negotiating gender, sexuality and menopause in Tehran and Karaj. In Women's Studies International Forum (Vol. 76, p. 102277). Pergamon.

Amini, E. (2019) Insider or outsider? Issues of power and habitus during life history interviews with menopausal Iranian women. In A. King, K. Almack & R.L. Jones (eds.) Intersections of Ageing, Gender and Sexualities, Policy Press.

Amini, E. (2016) Iranian Women’s Gendered Experiences: Structural discourse or individual agency?, Discover Society, (39), Retrieved from

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Amini. E (2006) Exploring Women’s Role in Mahbobeh Mirghadiri‘s Stories, Sarmayeh Newspaper, Tehran, Iran. 

Selected Conference Papers

Amini, E. (2019), Key speaker at Gender Research Roundtable & Workshop, University of Lincoln

Amini, E. (2019), Medicalization, menopausal time and narratives of loss: Iranian Muslim women negotiating gender, sexuality and the menopause, BSA, Glasgow, UK

Amini, E. (2018), Understanding of menopause: Issues of power and agency in Iranian Muslim menopausal women’s lived experiences. World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, Seville, Spain

Amini, E. (2016), Hegemony of Silence: Exploring the gendered and sexuality experiences of Iranian Muslim Menopausal Women in Their Childhood, CSGS Annual Summer School, Durham, UK.

Amini, E. (2015), Issues of Power & Habitus, American Sociological Association, Chicago, USA

Amini, E. (2014), Insider or Outsider? Issues of Power & Habitus in Life History Interviewing with Iranian Menopausal Women, European Sociological Association: Biographical perspective. Durham.UK

Amini, E. (2013), Agency & Sexuality in Iranian Menopausal Women, British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2013. London, UK