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Dr Valentina Tumolo

Research Associate in the Department of Archaeology
Room number: 001

(email at

Research Topic

I am a postdoctoral research assistant on the Climate, Landscape, Settlement and Society (CLaSS) Project: Exploring Human-Environmental Interaction in the Ancient Near East.


Chapter in book

  • Riehl, S. & Tumolo, V. (in press). ‘Oliven’. In: S. Riehl - J. Kamlah (eds), Atlas des Ackerbaus im antiken Palästina (RessourcenKulturen Series; Tübingen).
  • Tumolo, V.& F. Höflmayer (2020). ‘Khirbet ez-Zeraqon and Early Bronze Age chronology revisited’. In: S. Richard (ed.), New Horizons in the Study of the Early Bronze III and Early Bronze IV in the Levant (The Pennsylvania State University Press; Pennsylvania): 249-264.
  • Tumolo, V. (2019). ‘A Bull’s Head from Ḫirbet ez-Zeraqōn’. In: M. D’Andrea et al. (eds), Pearls of the Past. Studies in Honour of Frances Pinnock (Zaphon; Münster): 847-867.
  • Tumolo, V. (2018). ‘The Levantine seal-impressed jar from the tomb G 2370 B at Giza revisited’. In: A. Vacca - S. Pizzimenti - M.G. Micale (eds), A Oriente del Delta. Scritti sull’Egitto ed il Vicino Oriente in onore di Gabriella Scandone Matthiae (Contributi e Materiali di Archeologia Orientale XVIII; Roma): 611-632.
  • Tumolo, V. (2014). ‘Le scene di pastorizia nelle impronte di sigillo su giara del Bronzo Antico: l’espressione simbolica dell’ideologia rurale all’interno del sistema economico regionale eblaita’. In: S. Pizzimenti - L. Romano (eds), Šime ummiānka. Studi in onore di Paolo Matthiae in occasione del suo 75° compleanno offerti dall’ultima generazione di allievi (Contributi e Materiali di Archeologia Orientale XVI; Roma): 223-250.

Conference Paper

  • Gallo, E. & Tumolo, V. (2012). ‘Urbanism, social organization and economic dynamics in Third Millennium BC Northern Palestine and Transjordan’. In: F. Borrell Tena et al. (eds), Broadening Horizons 3. Conference of Young Researchers Working in the Ancient Near East (Servei de Publicacions; Bellaterra): 151-168.
  • Nigro, L., Sala, M., Montanari, D. & Tumolo, V. (2010). ‘The Early Bronze Age IV Village at Khirbet al-Batrawy, Jordan’. In: P. Matthiae et al. (eds), Proceedings of the 6th International Congress of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 5 May – 10 May 2008, “Sapienza” Università di Roma, Vol. 3 (Harrassowitz Verlag; Wiesbaden): 461-468.

Journal Article

  • Tumolo, V. (2019). ‘The Early Bronze Age Seal Impressions on Jars from Ḫirbet ez-Zeraqōn. Preliminary Remarks on Pottery and Images’. Studia Eblaitica 5: 35-56.
  • Tumolo, V. (2017). ‘Preliminary Notes on Some New Seal-impressed Potsherds from Ebla’. Studia Eblaitica 3: 165-171.

Research Groups

Department of Archaeology