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Miss Anna Okada, BA (Hons), MA

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Anna Okada is a doctoral researcher at the Department of Geography at Durham University, specialising in political geography, digital studies, and critical security studies.

She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter, with a First Class honours. Her final year dissertation explores how the transient public spaces of Hong Kong's 'Little Manila' are contested sites of political tension, cultural negotiations, and places of memory, care, and struggles for civil recognition.

Anna then completed her Masters at Durham University's Geography Department (Risk Masters), receiving a Distinction. Her thesis analyses the United States' security program through identity management conducted at and beyond their air borders.

Current Research

PhD: An analysis into smart/seamless airports, trusted digital identities, body, and security

Anna's current research draws from the risk and resilience perspective to examine the intersections between the space and logistics of hub airports and border practices and machine learning biometric technologies. Broadly speaking, her research involves both a studying-up and studying-down approach to analyse how tehcnological developments are setting forth new visions, standards, and practices, and their implications for our understanding of the body, the digital, the airport, and of security.

Her sites of interest are hub airports including Heathrow Airport, Schiphol Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, and Changi Airport.

Critical security studies' research methodologies are being employed in Anna's research. Rather than approaching the space of airport or processes of digitalised identities from a theoretical perspective, Anna regards it crucial for academics to engage personally and directly with the aviation-airport industry or other relevant industries.

Keywords: Biometric technologies, Smart airports, and Logistics of security.

Conference/ Workshops

  • Okada, A. (May 2019) The development of smart techniques at Hong Kong International Airport, Data matters: Digital technologies and the politics of bordering, International Workshop at ETH Zurich / University of Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Okada, A. (April 2017) The No-Fly List’s “inconvenient” probable entities: Going beyond dividuals. American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

Invited Lectures

  • Okada, A. (2017) Dataveillance and Surveillance. Invited lecture at Dr. Liz Jackson’s common core course ‘Freedom: Spirits, Experiences, and Expressions’, The University of Hong Kong.

  • Okada, A. (2016) Liberty vs. Control and Surveillance. Invited lecture at Dr. Liz Jackson’s common core course ‘Freedom: Spirits, Experiences, and Expressions’, The University of Hong Kong.


Level 1: Geographies of Ciris
Level 2: Political Geography
Level 3: Politics and Space