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Dr Martin Bauer

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Research Groups

Department of Physics

Research Interests

  • Dark Matter
  • Heavy Quark and Lepton Flavour Physics
  • Higgs Physics

Selected Publications

Conference Paper

  • Bauer, Martin (2012), Solving the Flavor Problem of Warped Extra Dimensions/Composite Higgs Models, 2012 Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories: Proceedings of the 47th Rencontres de Moriond on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, La Thuile, March 3-10, 2012. 441-444.

Journal Article

  • Bauer, Martin, Neubert, Matthias, Renner, Sophie, Schnubel, Marvin & Thamm, Andrea (2020). Axionlike Particles, Lepton-Flavor Violation, and a New Explanation of aμ and a. Physical Review Letters 124(21): 211803.
  • Bauer, Martin, Heiles, Mathias, Neubert, Matthias & Thamm, Andrea (2019). Axion-Like Particles at Future Colliders. The European Physical Journal C 79: 74.
  • Bauer, Martin, Diefenbacher, Sascha, Plehn, Tilman, Russell, Michael & Camargo, Daniel A. (2018). Dark Matter in Anomaly-Free Gauge Extensions. SciPost Phys 5(4): 036.
  • Bauer, Martin, Carena, Marcela & Carmona, Adrián (2018). Higgs Pair Production as a Signal of Enhanced Yukawa Couplings. Physical Review Letters 121(2): 021801.
  • Bauer, Martin, Foldenauer, Patrick & Jaeckel, Joerg (2018). Hunting All the Hidden Photons. Journal of High Energy Physics 2018(07): 094.
  • Abe, Tomohiro & others (2018). LHC Dark Matter Working Group: Next-generation spin-0 dark matter models.
  • Curtin, David & others (2018). Long-Lived Particles at the Energy Frontier: The MATHUSLA Physics Case.
  • Bauer, Martin, Klassen, Martin & Tenorth, Valentin (2018). Universal properties of pseudoscalar mediators in dark matter extensions of 2HDMs. Journal of High Energy Physics 07: 107.
  • Bauer, Martin, Neubert, Matthias & Thamm, Andrea (2017). Collider Probes of Axion-Like Particles. Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(12): 044.
  • Bauer, Martin, Butter, Anja, Gonzalez-Fraile, Juan, Plehn, Tilman & Rauch, Michael (2017). Learning from a Higgs-like scalar resonance. Phys. Rev D95(5): 055011.
  • Bauer, Martin, Neubert, Matthias & Thamm, Andrea (2017). LHC as an Axion Factory: Probing an Axion Explanation for $(g-2)_\mu$ with Exotic Higgs Decays. Phys. Rev. Lett 119(3): 031802.
  • Golling, T. & others (2017). Physics at a 100 TeV pp collider: beyond the Standard Model phenomena. CERN Yellow Report (3): 441-634.
  • Bauer, Martin, Haisch, Ulrich & Kahlhoefer, Felix (2017). Simplified dark matter models with two Higgs doublets: I. Pseudoscalar mediators. Journal of High Energy Physics 2017(05): 138.
  • Bauer, Martin, Butter, Anja, Desai, Nishita, Gonzalez-Fraile, Juan & Plehn, Tilman (2017). Validity of dark matter effective theory. Phys. Rev D95(7): 075036.
  • Bauer, Martin & Plehn, Tilman (2017). Yet Another Introduction to Dark Matter.
  • Bauer, Martin, Neubert, Matthias & Thamm, Andrea (2016). Analyzing the CP Nature of a New Scalar Particle via S->Zh Decay. Phys. Rev. Lett 117: 181801.
  • Bauer, Martin, Carena, Marcela & Gemmler, Katrin (2016). Creating the fermion mass hierarchies with multiple Higgs bosons. Phys. Rev D94(11): 115030.
  • Bauer, Martin, Hörner, Clara & Neubert, Matthias (2016). Diphoton Resonance from a Warped Extra Dimension. JHEP 2016(07): 094.
  • Bauer, Martin & Neubert, Matthias (2016). Flavor anomalies, the 750 GeV diphoton excess, and a dark matter candidate. Phys. Rev D93(11): 115030.
  • Bauer, Martin, Schell, Torben & Plehn, Tilman (2016). Hunting the Flavon. Phys. Rev D94(5): 056003.
  • Bauer, Martin & Neubert, Matthias (2016). Minimal Leptoquark Explanation for the RD, RK, and (g − 2)_mu Anomalies. Physical Review Letters 116(14): 141802.
  • Bauer, Martin, Neubert, Matthias & Thamm, Andrea (2016). The "forgotten" decay S -> Z+h as a CP analyzer.
  • Bauer, Martin, Carena, Marcela & Gemmler, Katrin (2015). Flavor from the Electroweak Scale. JHEP 11: 016.
  • Altmannshofer, Wolfgang, Bardeen, William A., Bauer, Martin, Carena, Marcela & Lykken, Joseph D. (2015). Light Dark Matter, Naturalness, and the Radiative Origin of the Electroweak Scale. Journal of High Energy Physics 2015(01): 032.
  • Bauer, Martin, Cohen, Timothy, Hill, Richard J. & Solon, Mikhail P. (2015). Soft Collinear Effective Theory for Heavy WIMP Annihilation. JHEP 01: 099.
  • Altmannshofer, Wolfgang, Bauer, Martin & Carena, Marcela (2014). Exotic Leptons: Higgs, Flavor and Collider Phenomenology. JHEP 01: 060.
  • Agashe, Kaustubh, Bauer, Martin, Goertz, Florian, Lee, Seung J., Vecchi, Luca, Wang, Lian-Tao & Yu, Felix (2013). Constraining RS Models by Future Flavor and Collider Measurements: A Snowmass Whitepaper.
  • Bauer, Martin, Malm, Raoul & Neubert, Matthias (2012). A Solution to the Flavor Problem of Warped Extra-Dimension Models. Phys. Rev. Lett 108: 081603.
  • Bauer, M., Casagrande, S., Haisch, U. & Neubert, M. (2010). Flavor Physics in the Randall-Sundrum Model: II. Tree-Level Weak-Interaction Processes. JHEP 09: 017.
  • Bauer, Martin (2010). Randall-Sundrum Models and Precision Observables. Acta Phys. Polon. Supp 3: 131-138.
  • Bauer, Martin, Goertz, Florian, Haisch, Ulrich, Pfoh, Torsten & Westhoff, Susanne (2010). Top-Quark Forward-Backward Asymmetry in Randall-Sundrum Models Beyond the Leading Order. JHEP 11: 039.
  • Bauer, M., Casagrande, S., Grunder, L., Haisch, U. & Neubert, M. (2009). Little Randall-Sundrum models: epsilon(K) strikes again. Phys. Rev D79: 076001.

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