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Dr Federico Lupo-Pasini

Associate Professor in Commercial and Corporate Law in the Durham Law School

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Federico Lupo-Pasini joined the Law School in 2018 as Associate Professor in Corporate and Commercial Law. His research focuses on international financial law and financial regulation.

In particular, he is interested in the role that legal institutions play in the development of the international financial system and the emerging digital financial ecosystem. He addressed some of these themes in his recent book, The Logic of Financial Nationalism (CUP, 2017). He also maintains a lively interest in international economic law, especially international trade law.

He obtained his PhD from the National University of Singapore. Before moving to Durham, he has worked at Queen’s University Belfast and the UNSW in Sydney, always on international financial law and financial regulation. Before entering academia, he had worked for a few years in Vietnam, India, and Malaysia advising governments on WTO and international economic policy matters.

Besides his academic work, Dr Lupo-Pasini has been working as a consultant for various international organizations and governments around the world on financial policy and international trade policy. Since 2017, he is an advisor to the Government of Northern Ireland on the trade implications of Brexit.

Research Groups

Durham Law School

Research Interests

  • Financial Law
  • International Financial Law and Policy
  • International Trade Law
  • Contract Law

Selected Publications

Authored book

Chapter in book

  • Lupo-Pasini, Federico (2020). Financial Stability as a Common Concern of Humankind. In The Prospect of Common Concern of Humankind in International Law. Cottier, Thomas Cambridge University Press.
  • Lupo-Pasini, Federico (2019). Banking Integration in ASEAN and the Challenges of Regulatory Cooperation. In ASEAN Law in the New Regional Economic Order: Global Trends and Shifting Paradigm. Hsieh, Pasha & Mercurio, Bryan Cambridge University Press. 129-148.
  • Lupo-Pasini, Federico (2018). Emerging Regulatory Issues for Financial Services in the New Generation of FTAs. In China-European Union Investment Relationships: Towards a New Leadership in Global Investment Governance?. Chaisse, Julien Edward Elgar. 156-177.
  • Federico Lupo-Pasini (2014). Monetary Policy Measures in Investment Law: The Uneasy Relationship between Monetary Stability and Investment Protection. In The Rule of Law in Monetary Affairs. Thomas Cottier, Rosa Maria Lastra, Christian Tietje & Lucia Satragno Cambridge University Press. 570-592.

Journal Article

  • Lupo-Pasini, Federico (Accepted). Financial Inclusion and the 'War for Cash'. Law & Contemporary Problems
  • Lupo-Pasini, F (2021). Hidden sovereign finance. Capital Markets Law Journal kmab002.
  • Lupo-Pasini, Federico (2021). Monetary Transitions and Property Rights: Lessons from India's 2016 Demonetisation. Banking & Finance Law Review
  • Lupo-Pasini, F (2020). Is it a wonderful life? Cashless societies and monetary exclusion. Review of Banking and Financial Law 40.
  • Lupo-Pasini, Federico (2019). The Rise of Nationalism in International Finance: The Perennial Lure of Populism in International Financial Relations. Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law 30(1): 93-141.
  • Federico Lupo-Pasini (2018). Financial Disputes in International Courts. Journal of International Economic Law 21(1): 1-30.
  • Federico Lupo-Pasini (2017). Financial Stability in International Law. Melbourne Journal of International Law 18(1): 48-70.
  • Federico Lupo-Pasini & Ross P. Buckley (2015). Global Systemic Risk and International Regulatory Coordination: Squaring Sovereignty and Financial Stability. American University International Law Review 30(4): 665-741.
  • Federico Lupo-Pasini & Ross P. Buckley (2015). International Coordination in Cross-Border Bank Bail-ins: Problems and Prospects. European Business Organization Law Review 16(2): 203-226.
  • Evan Gibson, Federico Lupo-Pasini & Ross P. Buckley (2015). Regulating Digital Financial Services Agents in Developing Countries to Promote Financial Inclusion. Singapore Journal of Legal Studies 26-45.
  • Federico Lupo-Pasini (2013). Economic Stability and Economic Governance in the Euro Area: What the European Crisis Can Teach on the Limits of Economic Integration. Journal of International Economic Law 16(1): 211-256.
  • Federico Lupo-Pasini (2012). Movement of Capital and Trade in Services: Distinguishing Myth from Reality Regarding the GATS and the Liberalization of the Capital Account. Journal of International Economic Law 15(2): 581-619.

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Teaching Areas

  • Contract Law
  • Global Financial Law