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Dr Julie Van de Vyver

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology

(email at

I am a social and developmental psychologist interested in uncovering and testing effective strategies for promoting prosocial behaviours and reducing prejudice and discrimination. My research employs experimental, cross-sectional, and longitudinal methods and lab-based and field-based studies to further develop our understanding of prosociality and prejudice. My approach is to understand not just the processes at work but also the practical steps for intervention. In particular I am interested in employing research to help advance the effectiveness of public and civil sector endeavours.

Selected research interests:

  • Prosocial behaviour
  • Pro-environmental behaviour
  • Prejudice
  • Good relations and social cohesion
  • Social identity and intragroup and intergroup relations
  • Arts engagement
  • Moral emotions
  • Behaviour change

I would welcome applications from potential doctoral students in these areas.

Research Groups

Department of Psychology


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Selected Grants

  • 2018: Funder: European Regional Development Fund via Lincs Innovation || Title: Exploring whether and how we can promote greater prosociality towards homeless people in the local community || Role: PI || Total award: £1665
  • 2017: Funder: British Academy / Leverhulme || Title: Story-telling and prejudice: A practical indirect contact intervention for reducing prejudice against asylum seekers among adults in the UK || Role: PI || Total award: £9001
  • 2015: Funder: Arts Council England || Title: Arts and prosocial motivation || Role: CoI || Total award: £108,190
  • 2014: Funder: Economic and Social Research Council || Title: Policy internships scheme
  • 2012: Funder: Economic and Social Research Council || Title: Promoting prosociality: Testing the potential of moral elevation and moral outrage || Role: PhD studentship